I am so glad you came.  Come on in.  How did you find me?  Never mind, it is just great to see you.  Coffee?  Tea? Vodka, wine?  Please sit down and have a read.  What are you interested in?  I’m willing to bet over the coming months there will be something to pique your interest.  That is the thing about Chasing Rabbit Holes – almost always with initial caps – because you can end up just about anywhere and you’ll still be here.  Pretty amazing, huh?

This got started because it was a hot election year and people who were too busy to pay attention simply picked up the phone and called me for a cough, balanced view, cough ~ alright, a fair view.  We would talk about life and eventually end up either in current events, politics, reminiscing, or sorting things out.   For the men who are visiting, read that last “sorting things out” as venting.  Getting stuff off your chest.  I’ve found that men and women think differently – oh, yes, they do.  So, let’s get the biases out of the way.  … Actually, that resulted in true rabbit hole and ended up as a future post.

A word about the staff.

          Claire and Frond                            The Chaser:  Pictured right at the top of the site is Claire Has Flair.  She is 11 years old, a retired rescued professional racer.  According to her stats, she raced 93 races and won a third of ’em.  She is a greyhound and her coloring is brindle.  Greyhound owners refer to them as Greythounds.  Claire can hit 43 miles per hour in three strides.  When she agreed to join me, she was six years old, very shy and reserved.  The most amazing thing about greythounds is how much time they spend sleeping… maybe 22 hours a day.  I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.   Out walking after dark on a leash, grown men have come to a full stop and respectfully asked, “What kind of dog is that?  Is that a Doberman Pinscher?”  She is menacing alright.  This is the same greythound who is afraid of small children and tiny, yappy dogs who rush up.  She will immediately turn around to go home and good luck on changing her mind.  For the first year, maybe three, if there was more than one person talking with me, she began to tremble from head to toe, but very quietly.   It can take a long time for the clown in a greythound’s personality to surface.  It takes trust.  And Claire had very little trust.  It finally dawned on me she might be thinking I was getting ready to pass her on to the next home.   And then, one fine day, my brother came to visit.  He doesn’t hesitate to bribe any dog in his vicinity by filling his pockets with dog treats and lavishing those treats on every single dog he comes in contact with.  Claire thought he was a god.  She decided it was possible that all men are gods.  My next door neighbor, a big, brawny former Olympian exclaimed, “Whoa!  Is this the same Claire?!”  Claire’s duties will be to chase down rabbits, of course.  Rabbits are shapeshifters and they come in the form of stories, family histories, adventures, general quislings, musings and commentaries.

Dyssa test cropping                 The Analyst:  (still trying to get her picture to crop and post correctly. )  The Analyst is named Dyssa.   She is a fat cat, weighs 13.5 lbs as of last week.   When she first agreed to join me, she was an unknown entity, but the most unflappable cat I have ever met, braver than brave.  She is the true alpha in our home.   She came equipped with five fingers on her front paws and will hold hands with you.  There’s a word for this and supposedly any cat with this characteristic comes out of the genetic feline family located on Earnest Hemingway’s estate in Florida.  I tried naming her Diaz, Spanish for the number 10,  to honor her hands.  No go.  Tried Dix, French for 10.  She liked the sound, so I switched it up to feminize her name.  Dyssa’s duties will include the current event posts, probably some political analysis regarding our foreign policy, terrorist attacks, congressional governance if we ever have any, and the like.

HuntMode:  your host:

 – Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

5 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hunt, I will have some bourbon either neat or on the rocks, I am assuming it will be good bourbon, if not add a splash of water. It is a pleasure getting to know you. I have worked my way thru your blogs 1st month with pleasure. You came out of the chute hard and fast, and have been quite good from the start. My start was quite painful for me, and not nearly as well written as yours. Again you’re a wonderful story teller, and have a wealth to share. I look forward to continuing the journey. Take care, Bill


    • And, so here we are, first post. Bill, you’ve made my day, following your comments. What kind of bourbon? Of course, it would be the good stuff – budget allowing. 🙂 Thank you for your kindnesses. I started at the first entry on your blog – after recognizing what you had there! You do yourself an injustice. I loved it and all that I have read so far. Hats off to both of us, Ham!


  2. Hunt, My favorite bourbon is Knob Creek, if you have read any Stuart Woods you would know why. My second favorite is Kicking Chicken (Wild Turkey 101). And my everyday bourbon is Jim Beam. Smiling, thank you for the compliment, but I have encountered so many truly gifted writers since I started blogging my work isn’t even in the same universe. You are wonderful, full of life, and have a wealth of sharable stories, views, and information. Keep on writing your are far from done. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, I haven’t read Stuart Woods – is he on your list you’ve got on your blog? I did note we had several authors in common. Have you read C.J. Box yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. Be sure to start with his first one – a bit slow to my mind, but he catches up and then never looks back – every one gets better and better and better. All those bourbons…. hmm, I shall have to try ’em. I’m more a Stoli vodka type myself.


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