Gratitude – A Sunday afternoon post

It’s been a serious couple of weeks and I’m a fairly serious person. Time to lighten up.

I believe in affirmations. It started maybe 20 years – gosh, 30?, nope, closer to 35 years ago – yikes! I sent away for a book entitled, “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Riches,” by Joe Karbo. It was guaranteed, cost $9.99 and he would hold my check for 30 days and return it if I wasn’t happy with the results. I was so broke, I didn’t have the $9.99, but felt sure enough that within 30 days, I would. The book arrived on my birthday and the next day I sat down with it. As I recall, it was divided into two parts. The first part dealt with affirmations. He explained the concept, gave examples, and asked that you try it. The caveat was it could take 90 days to see a result… Hmmm, outside the guarantee, I noted cynically. There was a list of three statements to be used at the beginning to ensure you did not break any universal rules on receiving. Then you divided your list into three parts – 1. Things I want; 2. the things I need Now; and 3. Personal Qualities I need and want now. Whatever it was, you wrote the thing or personal quality out as though you already had it. You were to read it aloud, visualize it – really capture the feeling it gave you, and then say it aloud again. He did not know why it worked, simply that it did work. The second part of the book was about garage sales. Not a fan then; better fan today. It is still available and now someone has updated it and even has a video on YouTube. That little slim book changed my life completely. I thought it was likely hogwash, but also that I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I made up my list and faithfully did what he said in the a.m. and before I went to bed. And, it worked. Here’s the thing. You might have put what you wanted in order, but the Universe doesn’t deliver that way. The nearest and easiest comes in first…. So, I wanted more income and needed money to pay for work to be done on my car and I thought it would be fun to go skydiving. Within 48 hours, I was walking out the door with friends to have coffee and croissants. Across the street was a garage sale and my friends wanted to check it out. I sighed and agreed to go along. Perusing the displayed items, I looked up and across the table and there was a friendly guy wearing a t-shirt that read, “Skydivers are good to the last drop.” This was the late ’70s. I asked, “Are you just wearing that or do you actually skydive?” He grinned, “No, I actually skydive. We’re going next weekend, would you like to come?” I studied him for a moment and said, “Yes, yes, I would.” And I was skydiving the following weekend. About 72 hours or so, I had come home, picked up my mail, and set it down on the desk without opening any of it. I took a few steps away and remembered the affirmation that I would pay my bills in a timely manner…. Ahem, “I pay all my bills in a timely manner.” See the difference? Or, better yet, “All my bills are paid in a timely manner.” That leaves the door open for full source revenue streams… I sighed and went back to the stack. There was an envelope from my insurance company. Flinching slightly, I opened it and out fell a refund check in the exact amount needed to repair my car. Hmm… There was never any real sense to why some came true really fast and others took much longer, some years. Possibly because I needed to grow into them. In the years that followed, affirmations and visualizations took off in the culture with sport athletes using visualizations to improve their abilities. Joe Karbo was right, but most of mine came so quickly, I was always redoing the lists.

When I say it changed my life completely, that is not hyperbole. I went from being a tough, cynical, street-smart young woman to someone who was obnoxiously positive and happier more days than I was sad, laughing far more than crying, and generally recognizing and acknowledging there was Something BIGGER than me in the Universe, who nonetheless kept an eye on me.

Eventually, it has become a fairly short list and my major one these days has to do with gratitude. Because I am so very grateful for all that I have, for all the people I know, love and care for, for my health, for family who have become friends and friends who have become family. The one I do without fail goes like this, “Thank You, God, for making me such a wealthy woman in every area of my life!” And, so I am.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude – A Sunday afternoon post

  1. Of course you had to post this.
    Just to make me see that I must do the visualisation thing.
    Don’t think I’m quite there yet.
    Think, at the moment, I prefer to keep actual humans at arm’s length rather than visualising them into my life 😉
    Think, for the moment, I’d prefer to be morose and depressed. Just for a while longer – don’t want to be all light and thankful just yet. Need to hide in my cave and lick my wounds.
    Maybe, one day – one just never knows 😉


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