News of the Day – violence, guns, and other things

kids, school, bullying, 5’2 vs. any man, hot topics, PTSD, Benghzi, Mali, Al Qaeda, AQIM, etc….

I am a news junkie.  I follow the news every hour I am awake via the radio, TV, the internet.  Most often, I don’t comment or write analysis, but if you asked me what was going on, I could tell you accurately with  much clarity to any bias I might have, as well as my source material.  A friend and I hold different viewpoints; she is more to the left and I pull more to the right of an issue, i.e., liberal vs. conservative.  However, we are agreed when in discussion that we stipulate between fact, opinion and source.   What we find most frustrating is that others do not.  People cite opinion as fact.  If questioned about the “fact,” the answer is emotional rather than reasoned or, if they can cite a source other than “the news said so,” their source of information makes statements without any authoritative links and you are back at ground zero.  Anybody can have an opinion – it can be based on experience, research on the topic, or just straight-up gut instinct.  And that is fine, just don’t expect me to take your word for it.

Polarizing Times – I’m Right, You are so Wrong

That friend of mine and I have wonderful conversations, sometimes fraught with the thought of “Oh, God, I don’t want to get in a fight about this,” which over time has proven not to be the case.  She has made me rethink my position or challenged me to cite my facts and sources – asking me to provide them and I ask the same of her.  They are not topics in passing as a general rule.  We’ve talked about abortion, education, politics, rules of the Senate and House, raising children, weapons and gun control, preparing for disasters, arguments with family or sometimes ourselves.  We’ve discussed marriage –  man and woman, gay, lesbian, and other possible unions.  We’ve discussed child abuse, the death penalty, the fairness of laws, is justice possible, citizenship, which can range from the duties of to immigration reform.  We have spoken of the economy, recession, financial repercussions, credit and banking rules, weapons of mass destruction, and, of course, healthcare. I am the richer for having the willingness to talk with and listen to my friend, but there’s that caveat that we treat one another with respect.I had another friend who was unable to do this. She inundated me with screeds of insults and loud videos of the latest talking heads. That is a form of bullying and we rarely talk anymore.

Frequently, when considering a new post, I have shied away from the latest hot topic, thinking, “Who needs another voice added to the cacophony?” And yet… I believe I have a responsibility to my community. It may be that someone is out there who needs my voice, unable to hear or understand someone else’s voice. “Hell would be — if God were to show me things I could have accomplished if only I had believed in myself.” Anonymous.

So, I have opened a new category, entitled “News of the Day,” and I’m going to check that box when I throw my two cents in. Fair warning. And an invite – I hope you will join in the conversation.

6 thoughts on “News of the Day – violence, guns, and other things

  1. I try and avoid the news.
    International news is one thing – that I can listen to with a clear head. When it comes to my own country and my own government, it makes me angry. The unfairness, the injustice, the inequality, the utter stupidity – and the fact that I’m suffering from those inept decisions grates my nuts. So I don’t listen to them. And when I do, I can’t do it clearheadedly. Because it’s too close for comfort. Way too close!


  2. Hunt, As I work my way thru you posts, I have not found anything we couldn’t discuss, or have a heated discussion about. I find your views and thought process to be excellent and they don’t have to match mine. 95 percent of my opinion comes from the gut and heart, rarely can I site chapter and verse, (unless we are talking about Govt contracting). And those gut feeling can change, doesn’t make me wissy washy, it just means as I gather more info my opinion changes. I will glady tune into the “News of the Day” and look forward to seeing it in the future. Take care, Bill


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