Elby’s Revenge

Elby reading the blog

Elby reading the blog

Elby has a fine sense of revenge being sweet. Along with all the jingle bell and soccer ball toys I got him, I also came home with a laser pointer… See, you take the laser pointer, which emits a small red dot, you turn it on and, without moving, you shoot that beam across the floor, up walls, down doors and, ideally, the cat chases the dot. I found it more than lived up to the promise, giving Elby great exercise, but it was very bad for my character. It brought out a latent evil in me that hasn’t shown since the Revenge Wars back in ’78.

Elby quickly, really quickly learned that when I picked up the laser pointer it was chase and go crazy time. All well and good. Then he found payback. As I was writing up some short commentary and reading others’ blogs, Elby was taking his usual nap on a pillow next to the computer. My mouse movements on screen captured his attention and he became convinced it was laser time. Up he went, leaping from pillow to keyboard to monitor and there he sat, utterly blocking my view and following the mouse pointer with his head tilting from side to side and occasionally tapping a paw on the screen. I’d gently move him. He’d come right back. Got so he could leap from the floor straight up to the monitor. For hours. Yep, payback.

7 thoughts on “Elby’s Revenge

  1. It’s scary how much our cats look alike!
    But mine only gets in front of my screen when he wants to eat whatever’s on my plate at the moment. He was quite nuts for lettuce the other day – go figure!


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  3. Hunt, cats are kinda like mother nature, it’s really best if you don’t mess with them. Yet having said that, had Ms.T been more playful she would have been a much better pet. It wouldn’t changed the outcome, but her time would have been more enjoyable for all those involved. Take care, Bill


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