Info Maven – In Praise of Excellence – Products I rave about…

I wanted to write a fresh post today, but what was on my mind was a reminder to tell my brother about a new product I had found that was fantastic. I had the same conversation about a different product while at my dentist two weeks ago. I think I fall somewhere between a Maven and a Salesman as defined by Malcolm Gladwell in “The Tipping Point.” Sometimes, I am chagrined to learn that I was the last person to find out about something – obviously, I am not a Connector. And, yet, when I see excellence, I cannot keep the information to myself, whether it is a product or a service or a remarkable person. I just have to spread the good news. So, maybe that makes me an Excellence Maven?

I did it this a.m. when writing an email to a friend of mine in South Africa.  We became friends due to blogging here at WordPress.  Jaycee68’s motto is “I have an opinion. And I am not afraid to use it!!!” I enjoy her pungent commentary and her choices in music always broadens my horizons. See, right there did it again! Grin.

So, here’s a quick sampling of stuff I love, though please keep in mind I am a person who prefers to keep life simple and you’re gonna know far more about me than you should by the products I embrace!:

Glad’s Press N Seal: My upstairs neighbor was a shopper and, near as I can tell, she bought everything, so when she raved about this, I was quietly doubtful, but like any good Maven, she demonstrated it to me… SOLD. This stuff clings tight to multiple surfaces, whether sealing a jar or a sandwich or leftovers. I’ve used it to seal up a hole in one of my electric socket plates that got broken by the cable guys and poured cold air into my house. Stayed sealed for a year! and cut down on my heating bills!

I treasure my sleep and these three have been amazingly successful:

Breathe Right Strips: Just glomed onto this little goody. I’d seen a commercial for it and they offered free samples, so I jumped online and ordered a sample. It arrived, I put it to the side and forgot about it. The other night, when I couldn’t breathe through my nose for one reason or another, I tracked down the sample and tried it. I am not kidding, it worked instantly. Turns out they’ve got multiple versions of the product. What amazed me most was how accustomed I’d become to breathing thru my mouth and when I could suddenly breathe through my nose, it was stunning.

Restful Legs: For anybody who suffers from involuntary restless, twitchy legs – and believe me, you know who you are, this stuff actually works. I’ve had this since the late 1970’s and there’s now a prescription being advertised for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), but the possible side effects are more alarming than suffering thru the symptoms, and that is saying something. This is homeopathic, has no side effects, and works a treat fast! They are careful to say it is not for RLS, but more for agitated, twitchy legs. Costs about $8.55 for about a month’s supply.

Right along with that one comes the self-describing “Stops Leg & Foot Cramps In About One Minute,” which costs about $20.00 for an 8 oz. bottle. Use one capful in 2 ounces of water. That seems kind of expensive to me, especially since the ingredients are apple cider vinegar, ginger and garlic juice, and yes, it is expensive. But it works. If you have ever woken up with foot or leg cramps, and I was getting ’em several times a month, it hurts, disrupts your sleep, and makes you very, very cranky.

The thing about these last two products is the actual physical distress most often happens when you’re falling asleep or nicely in the zone and BAMM! you aren’t any longer. The aftermath was also sore muscles and legs. To find some relief is heaven. Well, make that three products – I can’t see wearing those strips during daylight hours…

Oh, one more: for anyone suffering from dry mouth, these are great: “Hall’s Refresh” – they are smaller than the average cough drop, they taste good, and most important, they work.

Okay, we’ll start with these. Oh, and please note, I received no money or enticement to promote these products.  I actually paid extra for my site not to have any ads…  Just cannot resist praising excellence!

7 thoughts on “Info Maven – In Praise of Excellence – Products I rave about…

  1. As my mom used to say; “what are you saving it for??”
    Meaning whenever you have something positive to say about anything, anyone — why save it — SHARE it! 🙂


  2. If something’s good and it actually works, by all means spread the news 😉
    As for mentioning me – I’m blushing!!! But thanks for the mention – it’s good to know that at lease on some levels I’m appreciated for my verbosity 🙂


  3. Hunt, what I think I might do in the future, is suggest to you I need something, but not sure how or if it would work, then turn the quest over to you. You thru your zillion contacts, and super need to be anal, will find what I need, test for application, market research for best price, and then give to me in report form so I can make a decision. Sure works for me. Thanks, Yes I am an ass. I hope you have a great day. Take care, Bill


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