All Grown Up?

DP Challenge: When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

At the time, I never feel like a grown up.  Most of the time, I’m balancing priorities and choosing between them.  I do get to say that my choices have become easier with time – mostly due to my becoming respectable as time moved onward.  (Pity there is no reward for using the word “time” in multiple sentences…)  I see my grown up periods in retrospect.  The way I handled a situation or not.  I see myself as much stronger in conviction when I was younger.  If you face a thief or  a bully, a liar or a hypocrite – like seeing evil – you can call it out.  It is when it comes calling a second or third time, cozying up with soothing words in your ear that the devil doesn’t look so evil as he/she did the first time.

Some wise elder whispered that maxim in my ear and I took it to heart and got the reputation as someone said to a friend of mine, “Oh, you call it like it is.  HuntMode calls it as it is.”


3 thoughts on “All Grown Up?

  1. Being a grown up – completely overrated!!!
    I was thinking about the conviction thing – it’s never popular, but there’s no use in having a standpoint if you’re not going to stick to it. I’m not saying that you should disregard all input. But don’t fall around between views – and that’s something that I’m struggling with these days. My convictions are such that I’m seen as anal, as unbending, as unreasonable, but the bottom line is – there’s right and there’s wrong – pick one and stick to it, and don’t expect me to sympathise if you insist on going down a wrong road.


    • I think I got to the point where I disliked the drama. I could tell I was wasting my oxygen; they so enjoyed the chaos. I think, tho, you’re right, it was being clear on right and wrong. I needed to always be able to look myself in the mirror.


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