Multi Grazi!!!

Yes, I know – hold your fire! It should properly be written as Molte grazie – but I like mine and it conveys to mathematical American eyes that we are talking BIG here in appreciation. For what? For whom? You! Today was a landmark day. According to the stats, I passed 1000 views today – started the day at 997 and then crouched waiting to see what would happen and YOU CAME THROUGH FOR ME! Thank you! Thank you to all who read my material and those who are kind enough to click “like” and praise on high to those who comment – a rarebit crowd, youse guys.

I began this blog on or about December 16, 2012 and the richness of this experience, the joy of the feedback loop has been beyond anything I might have thought possible.  People pushed me for years – and you people know who you are! – to be a blogger.  I shied away, thinking it had all been said and better than I could do.  Without going back and reviewing the morning pages, I cannot remember what finally got me to start one, but I am so richly rewarded for having done so. To watch with amazement that I have reached people across the world… oh my! I was published before – such a slow, agonizing waiting process for some editor somewhere to decide yes. This way, you don’t make any money, but I am back to why I began writing in the first place. The sheer joy of putting pen to paper, fingers to keys, eyes to screen. Of reaching into the core of me and saying “Anybody else notice this?”

The difference between writing for publication and writing for the sheer joy/agony of opening up the veins and bleeding the words out for all to see – there is nothing, absolutely nothing that compares to it. You write because you have to, not because you want to. The ability to change the lens, to focus on what I have seen and observed or felt – well, in the end, it’s all about me!, isn’t it? Grin. No, it definitely is not – it begins that way and then the adventure starts. Suddenly, someone is responding. Somehow, some way they found me in the midst of this crazy interconnectedness of the web and they think it worthwhile to come on back! OH!

To all my readers, I wish you could journey inside of me – like that old film where they were shrunk down and injected into a person, so that you could feel the turbulence and sheer joy racing through the cells, the bloodstream, the heart and soul of this creature called HuntMode. And, on the flip side, to discover such a family of brilliant people writing their own worlds. Ah, c’est merveilleux, fantastic, outstanding, truly wonderful! Can you overdo exclamation marks? Not today.

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Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 731
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 75
Canada FlagCanada 67
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 39
Australia FlagAustralia 27
Singapore FlagSingapore 26
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 9
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 7
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 4
India FlagIndia 4
Turkey FlagTurkey 3
Philippines FlagPhilippines 2
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 2
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 2
Estonia FlagEstonia 1
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 1
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 1
France FlagFrance 1
Poland FlagPoland 1
Romania FlagRomania 1
Hungary FlagHungary 1
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 1
Portugal FlagPortugal 1
Germany FlagGermany 1

7 thoughts on “Multi Grazi!!!

  1. Damn fine writing. I am glad the response is overwhelming you! We could TELL you about your talent, or we could SHOW you. The big blue marble has spoken. We “like” your insights ~ keep them coming!


  2. You have quite the following P 😉
    And there’s quite clearly a reason for it – so carry on the good work!
    It’s all the shades that makes life the rich culture it can be – I’m glad I got to see your shades, so to speak 😉


    • Ah, bella! It is a beginning – I look at the other bloggers’ numbers and I find blog envy – eeooowww! And, then, I get to meet people like you – oh! Darn it! I came across a photo of South Africa at night! I’ll copy it and send it to you – started to, ran into techie glitch and then the phone rang… got it, stand by!


      • One thing about bogging internationally – it makes you want to see what things look like there, maybe experience them for yourself one day 😉
        You’ll get there P, never fear!!


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