Seven Days – If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium, ya?

DP Challenge: You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

Alright.  I will freely admit my brain shorted out – all synapses snapped.  I desperately hoped I’d pay up on any outstanding bills, make sizeable payments on my two credit cards and a personal loan and save some for me, which I would then … what?

Conventional would be 7 day trips to see my old friends catching up in person instead of by phone or email; several in Northern and Southern California; hop over to Arizona and track Deb down in her tiny remarkable town – maybe meet at the Grand Canyon and watch the sun come up, view it from the air, touch those incredible aged walls (all pictures from National Geographic):

Sunrise at the South Rim

Aerial viewpoint

How can they not stop and look around?!

or… a cruise to Portugal, or Greece, – whoa, wait, remember the last cruise, filled with all those men that turned out to be a bonanza of beauty, brains and brawn, sadly only interested in other men…. Alright then, Israel or Australia where they grow manly men. Or, skip all that and head to Texas.

Coming back into my bedroom, looking at all that cash – follow some of those plans, but cancel whatever was on the schedule so it could be extended for two weeks, yes, indeed…

4 thoughts on “Seven Days – If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium, ya?

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    • Manly men in Texas. Yum! (Sadly, I just saw a picture of a spider on the wall of a house in Texas ~ it was gigantic – like those Camel spiders in Iraq – aaaagggghhhh. Woosey women in Washington….


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