Music, philosophy, joy!

Two blogging buddies recently posted the mention of songs and the effect music has in our lives. This post spoke of allowing children to dream in their time and this post is from the ever wise Wiley – both sent me on an adventure of renewing my love of music once again. Thank you, guys! (Just click on those highlighted words)

This brought me face to face with the DP Challenge of describing the past week with five songs. I had lurched away from that challenge because it was a weird week for me. My friends, though, brought me back, in time to face the music. There were their recommendations, which I love:

And then these that led me forward from childhood to courtship to marriage and onward… I have been blessed and I am blessed.  I grew up in Malibu, so it wholly blended between the Beach Boys, naturally!, Frank Sinatra and the Kingston Trio (my parents’ favorites and as natural voices in my childhood as my parents.)  So, having trolled the youtube universe, I found this – you can let it play on and on or pick your favorite – but, honestly, you just have got to start with California Girls, right?  Right?

Man of La Mancha’s The Impossible Dream.  Thanks to Gary Maxwell, my sixth grade teacher, who introduced us to this album and set my life going forward – thanks, Mr. Maxwell!



Steely Dan’s Peg, it will come back to you –  – mind, like a good book always out performs the movie, I never pictured this when I heard the song… ever!  For me, it was a promise to hold on, that life would get better.


Roy Orbison’s You Got It – – oh yes!

And, this joyous flash crowd.  If you have never watched this, it is a spectacle not to be missed:

Now, that is a fabulous European experience.  Here is how it was done in the USA from Grand Rapids, Michigan – tell me we cannot work together for a common goal! (tell us the music died and we’ll bring it back!) –

9 thoughts on “Music, philosophy, joy!

  1. Lovely choices – I know basically all of them, and tonight I will spend some time hearing the ones I don’t know 😉
    Music forms quite a big part in this thing we call life…


    • It was you, Chica, that got me going again – I used to be surrounded by music all the time. Somewhere, maybe it dropped into the background and then I grew accustomed to quiet. I spent hours on this post, traveling through various artists – oh, and techie difficulties – some youtube stuff gives an easy url, and others resist – it dawned on me to do some research and I found out the workaround that problem – a snap…. once you know it! But I love your taste in music.

      Oh, look at you! You’d already responded while I busy taking that talk radio line out! Aren’t you the bomb! I’m often told I’m too serious – and you are all right. laughter.


  2. Loved your tunes!!!
    That flashmob with ode to joy made me cry – culture in SA used to be big. My father sang that same aria in a choir in the JHB City Hall.
    Now, the City Hall is a dump with a non working organ. JHB City Centre a place where nobody dare go. The JPO is in financial difficulties.
    All the things I grew up with just gone, never to be seen or experienced again.
    As much as I have to hold me here, they are driving me away with their utter disregard for anything refined…But I don’t belong anywhere else. Everywhere else I will be a bloody foreigner.
    Thanks for the glimpse into something that might be worth experiencing 😉


    • So glad you enjoyed the ode to joy. I didn’t even know there were words to it until watching that crowd singing their hearts out. Um, I know a SA immigrant, who became an American citizen ~ he takes great joy in speaking his mind – he could tell you whether you might like to come here…. 🙂


      • Every place has it’s own crap P.
        I might be able to adapt in the States, but I will never belong – kind of strange – don’t belong anywhere in the world but here, and even here I’m seen as the enemy – kind of sucks!
        Plus – I’m old, going on ancient, have no marketable skills, no real money – no other country will have me!


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