Stocking Up the Cupboard

Beginning a new category – Stocking Up the Cupboard, Freezer, and Under the Couch. Why? Because stuff happens.

I was posting with another friendly blogger and we got to commenting on good times to stock up, i.e., March is freezer month.  I have been in emergency management (EM) in one capacity or another for over ten years now.  I’ve taught classes in Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT); I have acted as an Emergency Operations Officer and I live in a dangerous, gorgeous state replete with volcanoes, 2nd to California in earthquakes, we lose hikers and find ’em again (if all of us are very lucky and the neighbors turn out for us, as well as the professionals), and a variety of everyday hazards.  Whoever said Living is hazardous to your health was an understated genius.

Just because we know something ourselves, doesn’t mean everybody else does.  Or that they will think it important.  By now, if you do not understand the importance of having water on hand and a bare minimum of three days (yes, that’s that famous 72 hour kit thing) on hand, you have been buried in sand and the local dodo bird club wants you.  In God’s honest truth, you should be prepared for at least two weeks for every person in your household.  Otherwise, there will come a day when “babies look up and say why me?”  (Bill Cosby and go carts).

See, you can have fun and be responsible!  So, as my Sunday good deed thing, I’m going to start posting on this subject, both from the EM perspective and an economic one – there are great deals out there and these are tough times, let’s share the wisdom.

When I started teaching the CERT course on preparedness – along with the best team of people in the world! ~ I would ask how many people had water for three days.  Hands would go up.  I’m relieved to say, as time and crises went on, each new class had more hands up than the one before.  You can live a long time without food.  You can’t without water.  I’ll say that again.  You can live a long time without food.  You can’t without water.

Here are the Four Phases of Denial:

  • 1.         It won’t happen here.
  • 2.         If it happens here, it won’t be that bad.
  • 3.         It won’t happen to me; and,

My personal favorite….

  • 4.         It will be so bad it won’t matter.

That said, you need at least one gallon per day per person.  More if you’re over 50, pregnant, sick or…. name it.

Think about what you are going to do with it.  People get great big containers of water – splendid.  Now, what if you have to evacuate?  Is it all in one place – what if that just happens to be the place that gets crushed in an earthquake?  So, have different sized containers; store them in different places.  Water is cheap, folks.  But, without it, you cease to exist.


And, don’t forget these guys:

19 thoughts on “Stocking Up the Cupboard

      • That is so cool – it gives me warm fuzzies!

        However, you make a really good point. Different places with the water. Maybe even take that one step further, different places with a survival kit. One in the car trunk, and a few around the house. I live about 45 minutes from San Andreas (you know, that really popular California fault line?). This is something that I will be doing in the near future. Oh, one more idea that I think I heard about not too long ago – medicine. Don’t forget to have that in the kit too, human and pet.


  1. In SA we don’t have many natural disasters.
    Just an inept Government and worse local governments. So our preparedness does not stem from an earthquake hitting, just government officials that does not do maintenance as they should.
    Good idea to have enough water though – it’s something hardly anybody thinks of before it’s too late!!


  2. KK above – excellent strategy and will be covered in upcoming posts. You have a kit in your car, in your house, at work (if you’ve a job). ESPECIALLY if you live in California – I grew up there and there are no heads up before an earthquake hits – not yet anyway. And, yes, medicine is vital – I’ll cover pointers on what you might or should have in your to go bags, as well as at home. A big ticket is what gives you comfort? Photos of family – very important; how about a thumb drive of .pdfs of your most important docs, copies of driver’s license, birth certificates, etc.


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  4. Online, our city has instructions on how to build a survival kit due to weird weather patterns. One thing we have stocked up on is water. Must now work on the rest.
    Fabulous idea for posting and a brilliant post. Seems we all tent to get a little complacent because it could never happen ‘here’. The trouble is that it DOES and is spreading.

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  5. Excellent subject Hunt! A multi-layered approach will reduce the risk of death or disability from dehydration. Bulk storage, backed up by transportable supplies and an easy to maintain water filtration device for alternate sources of water will serve any emergency. I ask myself, if X happens, then Y will help offset the distress of X. I call it wargaming emergencies to find a solution before there is a problem. One doesn’t need to fear a zombie apocolypse to make reasonable preparations. Evacuation should always be one of the scenario’s.

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