P.S.: re best laid plans of Woman and Cat

Got to say it was a crappy day. Despite every way I knew to shift my head and heart. I began with my usual morning routine of morning pages and readings, etc. It’s quite elaborate. I then moved into the day, with the endless list of tasks left undone, now to be done. Turns out the drum on the printer had finally gone kaput, but that was okay, I had the new spare ready to go. Except it didn’t work. I’d gone cheap, $15.00 for a generic, generally reviewed as good to go. Except it wasn’t. That meant that my tax forms didn’t print. I could spend $130.00 on a new drum or $140.00 for a brand new printer that would print, scan, fax, and tap dance for all I know. Depression began to descend. The college loans were showing me in default instead of deferment. That took an hour or more to straighten out. Onward with tasks, a new post to be written. Got distracted by the challenge re “what do animals mean to you?” Wrote and publish that, finding I had gone back in time discussing a cat dating back to 1996, my JuJu. After that, it was time to write a post on preparedness, the second in a series. But, I found myself writing in circles on a subject I know inside and out. Finally, it was time for the new episode of NCIS and I shut the computer down, swearing I’d be back to finish that article and turned to put full focus on the new NCIS episode, which was about a soldier hit with a sniper bullet in Afghanistan while accompanied by his trusty dog, who sniffs out I.E.D.s. Halfway through, I realized I was depressed, bordering on tears, and sick unto death of death itself and corruption. At the end of the NCIS episode, Tony says, “I was thinking of getting a dog.” Gibbs answers tersely, “That is not a dog. That is a Marine.” Maybe you had to be there. That kicked off a few held back tears, stopped immediately.  I come from a family of Marines and they are close to my heart.  I have friends and family serving in war zones.

But, you know what? I am sick of death and corruption, seen all around me, and I am not even in battle as our soldiers are. I support a soldier by sending letters and packages via AdoptaPlatoon. This time, this newest soldier, I have never heard back from her, which is unusual. My earlier soldiers wrote at least once. That could be okay. She is too busy to write or it would be dangerous for her. Or, it might be bad – something happened and she is unable to write. Bad day for thoughts like that.

Today’s post was on how you feel about animals. I’ve a great weakness for animals to begin with, but when it comes to military dogs or horses, for that matter, I’m a sucker, wholeheartedly a sucker. Makes me tear up even to type the thought. This will pass. I know that. But, if you think someone who is positive does not have bad days, this would be a good time to correct that impression. The thing is they don’t last – certainly, not as long as they used to. I know that. And now you do, too.

5 thoughts on “P.S.: re best laid plans of Woman and Cat

  1. Gibbs was right – those dogs are not just dogs. They become a part of the soldier’s life. My one cousin is currently in Afghanistan as a dog handler – his dog sleeps with him in his hooch. There is a bond between animal and human that I don’t think can be replicated between humans.
    As for you feeling the world pressing down on you – join the club. The main reason why I avoid the news in any of it’s forms. I look at these people and I wonder why they can’t see past the nose on their face and at least try to make the right decision without wanting to keep their own best interests at heart.
    Hope it passes soon P,,,


    • Well, in truth, it had only been two seconds for JuJu, and then less than 30 minutes. My friend, who buried her, picked her up in her blanket and… he was a taxidermist, so….I do remember my brother impulsively leaning down to kiss our mother goodbye before we closed the coffin – that I could not have done and I loved her, she was my best friend. He still regrets having done that…

      You are right, J, it is a part of life and both the good and bad part is we don’t get to practice ahead of time, just experience. I’m with you on the grey muzzle, Claire has greyed a lot recently, although she started with a white mask to begin with…. Elby, of course, is fresh as a daisy.


    • Thank you, J. I know it will. I just generally wade through it. Somehow all the events of the day came together and then the NCIS episode about a dog – well, that was one coincidence too far. Smile.


  2. Hunt, I actually read these tow posts in the proper sequence, and being a NCIS fan myself I clearly remember the episode you speak. It was a good episode, and Gibbs was right, besides Tony doesn’t seem to be a pet kinda of guy.

    You don’t have a weakness you have a love for animals, it fits you and what I am continually learning about you. Finally your right even folks that are positive in nature have a bad days, sometimes we have bad weeks, but rarely does it go beyond that.

    Now as your friend, I have the opportunity to pick you up from time to time, as needed, with my wonderful wit, and my continuous flirting. Please take care, Bill,


    • Bill, the popularity of NCIS always makes me grin. Here in my building of six units, there came a day when I needed to borrow something (maybe?) and I ended up knocking on at least four units – 3 had NCIS on and 1 didn’t answer. Grin.

      I thank you for your wonderful wit and niceties of flirting. Thanks, Bill.


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