I’ve been TAGGED by KnowledgeKnut!

First time honor for me. Near as I can tell, bloggers play tag with each other and I have been invited by one of my favorites, KnowledgeKnut, into the game.

Rules of the game:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself (if you want to) and eleven random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

11 Random Facts About Me:

1.   I love the smell of freshly turned soil, the smell of dirt;

2.   I cannot stand dirty fingernails;

3.   Nor, dirty socks – I always pack @ 12 pairs of socks for a three day trip – I love clean socks!;

4.   I love excellent usage of grammar:   when asked how are you and people respond, “I am well!” vs. “I’m good.” it makes me feel good;

5.   I love Farmers’ Markets for the pure joy of seeing the abundance present in every display;

6.   My favorite volunteer project was being a Zoo Ambassador ~ my job was to wear a nifty Safari jacket with loads of pockets and wander the Zoo, on the lookout for people who needed assistance,  from directions to first aid.  The challenge was to be courteous in cautioning parents not to hoist their children onto the barrier in front of the Hippo pool – hippos are NOT friendly….  The docents were stuck in front of their specialties, but the Ambassadors were on walkabout, allowing hours to fly by visiting favorite places and discovering new ones;

7.   I truly hate having my time wasted; I would volunteer more if I didn’t have to attend meetings;

8.   My favorite purchase to date has been a stand-alone deep freezer, which sits in my living room, behind the couch;

9.   I love stocked pantries, cupboards, and freezers – nothing else gives me that sense of security;

10.  My favorite writer is Ayn Rand because she demanded my best; and,

11.  I think five year plans are a waste; I love dreams and then setting out to achieve them; I try to live every day as if it might be my last.

My answers to KnowledgeKnut’s questions:

1.   If you could spend time with someone who inspired(s) you, who would that be? A weekend with my favorite writers, thinkers and doers all gathered in one place, which would have to include Lois McMaster Bujold, Georgette Heyer, Dick Francis, Donald Rumsfeld, Mia Love, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Jude Deveraux, Joseph Campbell, Richard Fernandez, Victor Davis Hanson, Vince Flynn, Daniel Shea, Benjamin Netanyahu, four of the Supreme Court Justices, and, and, and,….bloggers, of course.

2.   Why?  They inspired me, shaped my code of ethics, philosophy, and, when the going got rough, kept me going.

3.   If you could be the opposite sex for one week, what would you do?  Assuming I could also change my height and weight, I would walk around seeing the world from a 6’1, 170 lb. perspective.

4.   What is your dream car?  Laughter ~ one that is paid in full and runs well.  I am pleased to say I have my dream car!

5.   What is something you’ve always wanted to say to someone but never had the nerve?  “You have me confused with someone who cares.”

6.   When you forgive someone, can you forget?  No.  Although, since I lost my photographic memory, this isn’t as important as it once was.

7.  If you could be any Royal (dead or alive), who would you be?  The operative word being “could,” I wouldn’t.

8.  Why?  I don’t want to be anybody else.  Now, if you’d asked who I wanted to talk to, that would have been another matter!

9.  Your favorite movie has became your reality, what is the movie and what part are you playing? The joy of fantasy is that it is not my reality. See No. 8.

10.  Your goals is to become famous, how do you plan to do that?  Follow my heart and pursue what gives me joy.

11.  When you are gone (dead) what is the one thing that you want to remembered for?  “She left the world a better place.”

Ok’dokie, here are my questions to my taggees:

1.  If you could choose your lifespan, how long would it be?

2.  Do you love better now than when  you were younger?

3. What is your favorite liquid?

4. How do you feel about rain?

5. Can you play a musical instrument and, if so, which one?

6.  Do you have a secret dream?

7.  What is it?

8.  What is the one skill you are most proud of?

9. Do you believe you have a purpose in being here on this planet, at this time?

10.  What is it?

11.  What is the one question you wish you had been asked?

Here are my taggees ~ note: no pressure, participate if it is fun to you 🙂:

Kate Shrewsday
Eric Alagan
polysyllabic profundities
Slovak in Australia

25 thoughts on “I’ve been TAGGED by KnowledgeKnut!

  1. Thank you, it looks like plenty of fun
    Now, if only I can find the time
    I know it might be a commodity, time
    But it’s worth a lot more than a dozen a dime
    Can I take a rain cheque, hope with you it’s fine
    But once again, thank you, it’s all great fun


    • Eric, absolutely take a rain check, snow check, better yet – go for sun! I believe our time is our most valuable commodity. For me, it was a first and I enjoyed it, though it took a lot more time than it initially looked. Thanks for giving it consideration – I admire your work and wanted others to find it! Best ~ HuntMode


  2. Neither her nor there, but I’ve been hard pressed for inspiration lately – maybe this is just the ticket to get me away from the current hole I’m stuck in 😉


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  4. This sure looks like lots of fun. One more reason to turn my computer on would drive me over the bend right now. I’m focusing on keeping in touch with my blogging friends. I wouldn’t mind at a later date when the dust has settled in my office. Thanks for thinking of me. Be well.


    • Murielle, I truly understand the grabs on our attention. Put it away for a rainy, uninspired day, perhaps. I wanted to be clear it was only if you had time and inclination. Be well.


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  6. Hunt, Okay okay, I am an idiot I admit it, when I when thru Jan and Feb, I only responded to the posts that displayed when I pull the screen up. That little button that said “Older Posts” I didn’t click because I thought it took you to the prior month, but lo and behold it takes you to older posts of that month. So now I have to go back to Jan and Feb and complete reading all the posts, and I will as soon as I answer the 11 questions poised in this post.

    1. If healthy I would like to live to be 100, but I don’t want to be around if I am in very poor health. If I stayed just as I am today health wish I could enjoy living to be 100.

    2. I have it 100 times better now than when I was a kid. We were dirt port, and had bill collectors calling all the time, The only material things I had were those I got myself. On the emotional side I still think I am better off now. I have a bunch of friends, and a doughter and granddaughter that love me.

    3. My favorite liquid would be water.

    4. Sometimes I welcome rain especially if it’s a soft rain falling on a tin roof.

    5. No, well no, I did play tambourine for a time.

    6. Yes I do have a secret dream, and I am not telling else it isn’t a secret anymore.

    7. See 6 above.

    8. My ability to make people smile and giggle.

    9. I believe we all have a purpose, so yes I do have a purpose here,.

    10. Damn if I know, I guess to spread the word about COPD.

    11. What is your single best accomplishment.

    Hunt, there you go, it was fun answering your questions, and I hope you gain insight into me thru my answers. Please take care, Bill

    ps back to January I go.


    • Loved you answered the questions, Bill. So, what is your single best accomplishment? 🙂

      Re the order of posts….I think you’ll find you read everyone of ’em, but in reverse order – grin. So say January – you began on the 31st and worked your back to January 1…. Probably got a touch of whiplash in the process! Along the way, you made a dear, fast friend in me. I’ll stand tall and have your six if you read and love everything I write! Laughter.


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