Mini Boston Creme Donuts

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Learn from me…. I put two of these little beauties in the microwave for 12 seconds and the smell was divine, the look innocent, the bite – HOT!!!! HOT!!!! Did I say, “HOT!”

Oh, my poor tongue, both above and below and to the side. The donut itself was pleasantly warm, but the creme burned the heck out of my tongue. Had I waited 10-20 seconds after breaking the mini boston creme donut in half, no problem. But I didn’t wait. Even after burning my mouth and dunking my tongue in room temperature water and cold beer…. I still ate each and every bit of those two donuts. Then, I went back to cooling my poor, miserable tongue…. anybody up for thirds?

8 thoughts on “Mini Boston Creme Donuts

    • Almost 24 hours later, it will be awhile before I eat or drink anything truly hot again…. Did you know that blisters on the bottom of your tongue and the skin underneath your tongue – who looks there?! – turn absolutely stark white and pop – yes, they do… trust me on this one. And, I’m willing to take a bet we use our tongue more than our fingers for papercuts, knife slips, etc. Ouch….


  1. Hunt, Thank the lord I have never been much for any type filled donuts. I will consume a bunch of donuts, and I mean a ton. I love hot Krispy creme donuts and will be on a sugar high for days. Then slap a layer of chocolate on top of the glaze and I have got to pig heaven. So my dear, I would be right there beside you. Take care, Bill


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