Good Friday

In years past on this day, there was a noticeable grief palpable in the air, whether at work or walking about the city. It is the same today. People seem more serious, caught up in their thoughts, turning within. This is the day when the Crucifixion is honored and commemorated. The Vigil of Saturday night culminating in the good news of Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Last year, I was circling the door of the local church, wanting to attend the Vigil. My anxiety was so high, I never made it up the driveway to our church. This year is different. Thank You, God.

Michelangelo’s ~ The Pieta

6 thoughts on “Good Friday

    • Yes, exactly. I’ve actually been back several times and I’m attending a discussion group – just keeping a low profile while learning. Tonight was an eye opener. You put it so well, J. Thanks!


  1. Hunt, It is amazing to watch from afar, as you learn and struggle, and then come to terms. I know this happened months ago, and as I stumble thru your blog, I am sure I will learn lesson after lesson. Thank you for inviting me to follow your progress. Take care, Bill


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