Elby & The Fireplace

Elby is darkening

The little boy has grown amazingly since he first arrived as a creamy Siamese-Lynx (markings on face, legs and a ring tail). He has legs like a basketball player and feet a German Shepard would be proud to display. Yesterday, I glanced at him and then glanced again – he seemed to have darkened overnight. How did I miss that? Was he a reverse of the Lipizzaner breed born black and then gradually becoming white as they age? Elby was darkening. But so fast? Overnight? I stroked his fur, turning him this way and that, marveling at the changes in his coat – one side seemingly darker than the other. Later, Elby was playing hide and seek with a beige striped thick piled throw rug, sticking his paws underneath, posing like Claire, the Greyhound, in full splendor on his back, legs splayed in surrender, eyes looking at me upside down – wide awake and unblinking. He began rolling back and forth, playing with the weave, showing off his new coloration. “You know, Elby, you would think you had rolled in soot, your coat is so diff….” I glanced towards the fireplace and, sure enough, the mesh screen was ajar and little piles of ash trickled outside onto the brick. I got up to investigate and closed the mesh screen, wrestling the two sides together, avoiding the little puffs of ash that showed Elby-sized pawmarks. Busted!

Elby - busted

6 thoughts on “Elby & The Fireplace

  1. Hunt, We had a cat that wasn’t the least bit nice, but close friends of ours have 2 wonderful cats. Slider greets me each time I come to their home, Peaches is quite shy,but still friendly. But the coolest thing is to hear about the mischief they get into. I wound have enjoyed a cat that played and cuddled. It wasn’t to be. But I love hearing your stories. Take care, Bill


    • Mischief runs the gambit from innocent play to, to, to fiendish destruction, Bill… stay tuned, Elby falls in all those categories…. There was a story about Dyssa, the one before Elby, not sure if I wrote it, but that one put me on drip antibiotics for three days over New Years… Oh, and then there was JuJu and a big Tom cat – both the cat and I went to the ER… cat first, of course.


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