RePosting: The heart of life is good by One Thousand Single Days

Comment to this post: Oh my… You have left me almost breathless in your bare honesty and witnessing the truth of Life. This was Easter week and you have spelled out the pain, hurt and the light, and why we need both. Thank you for sharing such a perception so that the rest of us can hear and remember for our times. I will be reposting. You are exceptional and I am delighted you came by my site so that I could find you, read you and vote for you to win that award. Best ~ HuntMode

I can remember a conversation I had, that unbeknown to me at the time, would one day shape my entire attitude towards life and make some of the most painful and challenging and testing experiences that were yet to happen, bearable. And not just bearable, but valuable.
It was only 8 words in response to a question I posed to my mother, but I knew even at the time by the way the words struck me dumb that I had heard something that was significant and somehow, would shape me.

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4 thoughts on “RePosting: The heart of life is good by One Thousand Single Days

  1. Hunt. me digging in your wayback machine helps us both. It allows me to get to know you a bit better, and forces you to reflect on your own past. It seems to be a wonderful journey for both of us. Take care, Bill


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