Chatty Kathy ~ remember her?

I was determined to take this day off – go outside and celebrate the warmth of the sun. We had 70 degrees – a first in months. The sun is different here in the Pacific Northwest – well, different from Southern California. Maybe because there’s less smog or something, but I learned not to sit in the sun in black trousers or jeans – it burns your skin through the material! And, despite our reputation for rain, here’s the thing – every day after Spring begins, no matter what the weather has been like, at exactly 5:00 p.m., the sun comes out… It’s like Camelot.

I don’t know if this irrepressible need to write today is from having spent two nights and one day at church…. I do know I’m on sensory overload. I’ve got about six more posts in mind, but I’m going to be kind. You’ll know just how kind I’ve been to step away from the keyboard once you’ve watched this commercial from the 1960’s on Chatty Kathy – my sister was named Kathy and I group the two in my head – and the reality is my sister was a Tomboy if ever there was one, so it must have been a childhood joke to link them….

5 thoughts on “Chatty Kathy ~ remember her?

  1. Hunt, I have one sister years younger. She was the only girl child of the family with 4 brothers, we made her life miserable, hell 45 yrs later we probable still make her life miserable. I had joined the navy and was gone and really didn’t have a lot of impact on her. I don’t remember the toy, but the commercial is now floating around in my head like a very bad memory. Or that nasty dream of going to school naked. That same feeling. Gee thanks, Please take care, Bill


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