What about North Korea?

I’ve been watching North Korea for years now, but the recent bellicosity and downright threats of nuclear war are something on a higher level than in the last few years. Pundits who think this is just typical talk to negotiate for more from the West, i.e., more food, are wrong. The new leader, Kim jong-Un, is about 28 years old, and, as pointed out by K.T. McFarland on the Neal Cavuto show today, all the leadership in the area are new – S. Korea, Japan, China, U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. It would be very easy for something to go terribly wrong by a careless hand.

My thought this a.m. was what would happen if N. Korea did start a war? We would of necessity be involved as we have 30,000 soldiers on the border between N. and S. Korea and we have agreements with S. Korea and Japan to defend them in case of an attack. We’ve been cutting our military budgets down. So, where would we get the money to pay for a war? Currently, China has been financing our $16 Trillion debt. China has always kept the lid on North Korea through major subsidies. China and Russia have been negotiating deals with one another recently and all three countries are very much involved in the chaos in Syria, Iran, and the Middle East. China has been pushing for replacing the U.S. Dollar as the reserve currency. So, why would it be in China’s best interests to help us finance another war? A war on her front door? Things could get hot very fast.

4 thoughts on “What about North Korea?

  1. I had to look up bellicosity – thank heavens for Google!!
    As for what you said. Should those young, hotheaded men actually start a war, it would not just be a war. It will be the end of life as we know it.
    Hopefully we won’t have to live through that – but you can’t really do anything to change it wither. maybe the only thing to do is to build a bunker like Christopher Walken in Blast from the Past. Hide for 30 years…


    • Yes. Much commentary has been written since 2008 on the domino effect of the global financial markets; we have staggered along ignoring math. You throw nuclear weapons or any of the CBERN into the mix, especially with leaders who do not care for their own people, much less people of the “Other,” and we are in a different world.


  2. Hunt, the world as I knew it is fading into a distance memory. We in the US keep puffing out our chest, and thumping it like we were Tarzan. That isn’t the case. These other powers have already found our weakness and are exploiting it to the maximum. All these wars, police actions, peace keeping missions will bankrupt this country. And while that is happening our elected dumb ass leaders will continue to fatten their pockets, at the expense of our young peoples lives. They let us get involved in actions we have no business. Then they to protect our service people, they don’t provide the best body armor nor do they ensure they are adequately trained. I am so so afraid of what this country will be like when Cari (my granddaughter) is of age.Sometimes having a terminal disease isn’t such a bad thing. — Take care, Bill


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