Need to Relax?

It occurs to me I’ve been a bit of a gloom and doomer lately and to make up for that, I went searching for a photo or video that would inspire a deep breath, a smile tugged irresistibly from you and me. Here’s a combination of features brought to you from Corona:

6 thoughts on “Need to Relax?

  1. Good timing on that one Chickie! Our little one just set sail this afternoon on the HAL Zaandam from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and other Mexican Riviera ports. Dream cruise for a 24 year old account executive at HMC Inc who’s client is Holland America Line.


    • I am compiling a list and one day, you and I will meet and get up to speed on our two cultures. Never had a Corona?! ‘Course, if you don’t drink, that solves that one. The hammock though and the sound of the surf and the gentle jokes – loved it.


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