We are living in interesting times.

Not to put a gloom on the day, has anybody being paying attention to the outbreak of H7N9 virus in China? It begins with three human infections in February, thousands of pig and bird carcasses mounting in March and by April 1 China sounds the alarm… Since we’ve been talking about the causes and fallouts of World Wars, the Spanish Flu Pandemic outbreak in 1917 could arguably have been the reason for the Germans to negotiate with Wilson a surrender -covered in the book “The Great Influenza” by John Barry. As of today, 18 certified infections; 6 deaths, 10 critically ill; 2 light cases. The potential for this could be quite “hot.” I find it interesting this occurred right along side North Korea’s rising threats. For more info, an excellent background and lead up report in Foreign Policy; the World Health Organization (WHO) has today’s current status. Our Centers for Disease Control is saying no cause for alarm at this time. We do indeed live in interesting times. So, on the one hand, North Korea provokes a nuclear war and on the other hand, we could have a pandemic flu virus. Or both. Makes a global financial meltdown a mere bagatelle, eh? I’m getting a flashback from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,

3 thoughts on “We are living in interesting times.

  1. I’m wondering if these flu virus’ are not natures way of handling pest control.
    We all know China is set to take over the world not only with money, but with the sheer numbers of their populace – maybe not a bad thing to get rid of some of the excess humans?
    Might sound harsh, but really – there are too many of us!


  2. Hunt, This caught me completely by surprise. Having COPD I like to think I am tuned into flu and pneumonia outbreaks, conditions, and potential medicines to combat such things. I can truly say until I read this I hadn’t heard of this at all. Of course I had my flu shot in September and that really is hit or miss, and the pneumonia shot is even worst for prevention. Thank you for this post, I will do a bit of my own lookie seeie, please take care, be safe. Bill


    • I’ve always been fascinated by pandemics, the need to trace the first victim/carrier and how it spreads – whether by air, person to person, etc. President Bush changed the law regarding outbreaks and quarantines, which was big news in certain circles back then. I did a paper on it from a security standpoint, as well as having spent so many years in emergency management. That book, The Great Pandemic is a fascinating read, as is Demon in the Freezer – though watch it! After reading Demon, I was convinced Doven and I would be quarantined for hazardous diseases…. story there….


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