I give you Spring!

DP challenge: For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

Coming from Southern California where we bloom year ’round, I loved rainy days and nights. Fireplaces that burned real wood. The smell of smoke in the evening air.   I got my heart’s desire when I moved to Washington State where it is said most people will not last five years because of the depression caused by rainy days. Pshaw! I’m coming up on my 17th year and we had one astounding season where it rained for over 100 days in a row. People were on suicide watch. Silly bears. …on the other hand, last year, I wanted desperately to decorate my little patio, which rarely gets much sun because of these 3-4 story tall Evergreen trees standing guard. On approaching the nursery, my heart caught sight of a bougainvillea and brought me instantly to endless days of sun, red-titled roofs, every color of bougainvillea and birds of paradise and palm trees. Don’t miss it at all – see?

Garden right side bougainvillea

Garden - bouganvillea

Garden - partio September 2012

Garden - right side view with bouganvillea

Garden - September 2012 -

Garden - Side view

Garden pansies Sept 2012

Garden patio shelves

10 thoughts on “I give you Spring!

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  2. Hunt, It would seem (after 12 yrs) that I am down to 2 seasons, early summer and late summer. And I don’t mind in the least. But having said that, I really miss spring in the north, starting with the iris’s, and then the tulips, and the daffodils and on and on throughout spring. Spring is also a time of birth, or so it seems, and I miss that as well. Your patio looks so very inviting. Please Take care, Bill


    • Give me fair warning before you arrive and we’ll dress it up just fine, Bill. Steaks, home made french fries or a baked potato slathered with your favorite fixings, a green tossed salad, avocados with lemon juice and salt, cold beer and your favorite (whiskey?). Oops, blew it at the end… laughter.


      • Hunt, The menu sounds wonderful, my Bourbon of Preference is Knob Creek, from KY. Which for your continued education on Bourbon, Kentucky is the only state in the world that can make bourbon. I thought I would add that because you constantly enhance my knowledge, wanted to help yours. Take care, Bill


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