Margaret Thatcher ~ Rest in Peace

I like to think Margaret Thatcher would have stood out at any time, but for her time, she was remarkable. Women’s Lib was just getting past the jeering stage, finding its legs here in the United States. Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979, long before we ever heard of a glass ceiling. If you have never watched the British Parliament in action, you are in for a treat. They are a rowdy, boisterous crowd. For my U.S. readers, try for a moment to imagine our Congress interacting on this level… In the video below, it is her last appearance as Prime Minister and she has some cogent comments about what we would call the 1% and the redistribution of wealth so popular today.

8 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher ~ Rest in Peace

  1. She was indeed a remarkable woman.
    The end of an era – all we see now are spineless jellyfish – not actual leaders.
    Alas, everything comes to an end…


  2. What a delight we have in You Tube! For your own growth, and definitely for some of your “non-readers” who are friends~let them know of the opportunity to see/hear real Leadership by going to You Tube and entering Margaret Thatcher. Principled leadership 101 is free for your feasting.


  3. Hunt, Damn the video was great ! ! ! It is a shame our politicians don’t duke it out in a similar manner. We might actually get something done. LOL Great post, thank you, Bill


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