4 thoughts on “The True Cost of Stress

  1. Have you ever heard of Gabriele Roth’s book, Sweat Your Prayers?
    It’s just like it sounds, and she offers a cd of mostly rhythmic beats that speed up and slow down to trance out on (or in) My day treatment clients thought this idea was hysterical and we had to start slowly – sitting on our legs, only moving our arms and legs while promising not to look at anyone’s movements so as not to compare…. It eventually got very hot in that space…. great release for what ails you, if you can tolerate that kind of thing which only one in the group wouldn’t 🙂


  2. Hunt, I commented on Rara post, thanks for sharing this. I was telling her at some point or another I used everyone of her suggestions for reducing stress, except for the Hugging one, that would have caused me a great deal of stress in the work place. I also said the best thing I ever did for my Branch was to keep my boss away. Take care, Bill


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