Boston Marathon Explosions

Just a quick note. A friend had posted a comment, “I thought of you immediately when I heard about the Boston Marathon…” – I replied, “That will probably raise a few eyebrows – your first thought was of me after the Boston Marathon explosions…. To clarify, my Master of Arts degree was in Strategic Intelligence – Intelligence Operations. My thesis dealt with terrorism and propaganda utilized in asymmetric warfare. My prayers are with the victims, their families and the first responders. 24/7 coverage, while good, can be full of misinformation as well. It will take time to sort out (hold your conclusions in reserve).” Keep the prayers coming, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Explosions

  1. Christ Hunt, I knew you were smarter than me, but damn !! lol lol No wonder you can speak and write intelligently on just about everything. I am impressed but, truth be told, I have been impressed for a while. Take care, Bill


    • Well, it can’t be the post, so it must be the credentials? Laughter. Went back to school at 50, Bill, then got hooked on learning and went directly onto my Master’s while working full time through both. Loved it. Seeing that I haven’t yet gotten a job, it’s a damn good thing I insisted on studying something that fascinated me, eh? Grin.


  2. Hunt, I started college at the age of 30 fresh out of the Navy. I went 3 nights a week for 3 hours, and worked about 65 hours a week. It was a full schedule. At that rate I manage to squeeze in 2 + yrs of college i 20 months. Never got any further, a life, a career, and a job all got in the way. I loved going to school, I also had a daughter during this period. I wouldn’t change a thing. Take care Bill


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