Million Dollar Question: “Why do you blog?”

DP Challenge: Why do you blog?

I am a new blogger, just four months old. I had hopes when I began that I would cover topics as diverse as national intelligence, emergency disaster and preparation, exploration of religion to stories of my “staff,” a greyhound and a cat and that maybe someone would be interested. Maybe one of my stories would touch someone’s heart or save a life or inspire someone to go after their dream. In the four months I have been writing and commenting, I have reached people from 36 countries, I have 75 followers ~ people who want to be notified every time I post something. According to the stats, I will pass 1900 views today and there are over 400 comments, although many of those are mine in response to those who have taken the time to comment and share their views. Perhaps even more important, I have joined a community that I never suspected existed when I was just a reader rather than both a reader and a blogger. My world has expanded in ways I never anticipated. My heart tumbles over and over in my chest when I think how close I came to missing this experience. After all, the blogosphere is a loud, noisy, boisterous free for all environment – quite a lot like having dinner with my Irish and Italian family members – everybody talking at once. Who would hear me or care and what difference would I make by throwing my voice into the cacophony? Just when I think I have become a naval-gazer, just someone who writes from the “It’s all about me” perspective, a reader will reach out and thank me for giving voice to their thoughts, worries, fears or tell me they are going to go for their dream, or reach out to comfort me. That is why I blog. For me and for anybody who is curious enough to click a button.

12 thoughts on “Million Dollar Question: “Why do you blog?”

  1. Impressive stats for a four month old. I am now officially jealous. I’m a button clicker…and avid reader of posts, but have not cast my shadow among the real world of blog writers. Tempting.


  2. I feel the exact same way, I’m a 4 month old newbie myself. I’ve connected with so many inspiring people that otherwise I’d never have met. I’m happy you and me both decided to join the blogosphere. Keep on blogging! πŸ™‚


  3. Blogging, if you persevere, becomes quite the addiction actually.
    But it’s a good addiction, and not something you will ever regret doing – he’re to many more posts P!!


  4. Million Dollar Question
    Who’s to say it want come true
    If you share the same dream
    It can take you everywhere
    Just believe as i truly do
    Have a beautiful tomorrow
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗*. . *
    β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•©β•£* Daniel angel from Cape Cornwallβ€’*´¨`*β€’


    • Daniel! Welcome to my site – so glad you stopped by. Thank you, as always, for sharing your love and positiveness in all circumstances. Great little video – thank you. Best ~ HuntMode


  5. Hunt, I am so grateful that you chose to write. You have heard my story and you have a feel for why I do it. And at one time I wrote a post similar to this. But I appreciate why you write, and what you write about. It can be 1st person or bystander. I find a depth of intelligence that I truly enjoy here. And as long as you choose to write you will have an audience. Thank you, Please take care, Bill


    • Dear Bill, there is a wonderful sense of synchronicity here. Yesterday, I got into a bit of a kerfufle and it left me feeling vulnerable and, oddly, “shamed.” I don’t mind the vulnerability, but I seriously mind the sense of “shame,” which is the only word that came to mind afterwards. Your words help erase that weird sense of shame. Strange day yesterday. Best ~ HuntMode


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