Shabbat Shalom

I have had the loveliest day in a long time and just wanted to share the feeling. May has been a most turbulent month and I am delighted to close it with the invocation of Shabbat Shalom – “Peaceful Sabbath,” whichever day you celebrate it. Keep Oklahoma in your prayers.

The Strangest Thing….

Something truly odd happened yesterday. I was working when my phone rang, so I let it go to voicemail. Hours later, I checked it and the id gismo said it was my neighbor. She didn’t leave a voicemail. I called and she told me she had received a call that her elder sister, her last […]

Long Overdue: Thanks, Dad

It is Memorial Day here in the United States and this is the day we honor our military veterans who have died in service, as well as those who have served and are currently serving. While we set this one day aside to honor our men and women, I grew up with men who served […]

Exciting Plans This Weekend?

I love that question, “Do you have exciting plans this weekend?” “Why no, I don’t.” Unless you think cleaning out the equivalent of Dumbledorf’s (oops!  Dumbledore’s) office is exciting. My office looks very much like this, shy of the ladders and the nice frames on the paintings – not to mention every single book and […]

Elby That Cat!’s Penthouse

It has been a crazy time here at Chasing Rabbit Holes over the last two weeks. Between Claire Has Flair’s passing and the apartment undergoing wild and loud maintenance, Elby That Cat! has bounced from one crisis to the next. Even before events began, Elby was climbing the walls, literally. If he was a little […]

The Tiger Roars

Rarasaur challenges: “The Alter Ego, in Latin, literally means “Second I” or “Second Self”. It can refer to an opposite side to the personality within someone, or a counterpart like a trusted friend.” It is within the bounds of possibility that I may have multiple alter egos that arise as the occasion requires. There’s the […]

Kindness when least expected

DP: Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received. Surprisingly, on reading the challenge, my thoughts flew all the way back to Junior High, when I became a target for the really cool kids in Drama Class. As I recall, I had transgressed because one or two had fluffed their lines in […]

“Houston” & The Five Senses

DP: Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re least drawn to.) Coming awake to Elby That Cat!’s heartsong, his developing purr and tapping tail on the sheet next to my […]