Thirteen years ago…

Some of us have had to make this decision recently and it hurts in un-writeable ways. Ghia’s post comes close to speaking for our hearts – as close as we can.




Thirteen years ago, I was a young pup. I was strong, bouncy, full of life.

I played and I ate and I barked and slept. I grew every day. My feet were too big for my body, but I grew still.

I turned into a handsome young fella. With eyes and ears that missed nothing. I saw strangers at the gate and I let my mistress know through my bark what kind of stranger it was. I knew friend from foe.

Then, we moved house. My mistress was very sad. She cried all the time. I knew the kind of sadness she had was bone deep. I realised that it could not be soothed by my jumping and running. so I just sat with her, quiet-like. Just let her know I’m there. I could not speak to her, or wipe the tears from her face, but she held me…

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8 thoughts on “Thirteen years ago…

    • KK, I did have you and 68ghia in mind when reposting. I had to let go of Dyssa in late January and, very unusual for me, I found a new cat, Elby, within a couple of days. Now, Elby is his own self – there is no confusing Elby with Dyssa. He is both sweet and a crazy-maker. This a.m., he succeeded in his ambition to go for the light by climbing a lamp, getting inside the lamp shade to reach like a moth to the flame – knocking the lamp off onto to the brick of the fireplace. Amazingly, I was able to fix it… He and Claire are now sleeping together even when I am not in the room…, which was my intent in getting a new cat that Claire would not be lonely.


  1. Hunt this is what I posted on Jaycee68’s post. Hunt, I sit here with tears in my eyes as I read this, The courage displayed by both you and Sasha was amazing, the love you shared something to behold. The knowledge that you did what you had to do, Big hugs, you are quite wonderful. Take care, Bill


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