Wake Up!

The clock is ticking be it biological, financial, day-dreaming time… Richard Fernandez writes with clarity, poignancy and vigor that the signs are here in The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

4 thoughts on “Wake Up!

  1. Hunt, that was a very interesting article. My education in economics continues at your hands. I would hope that we can avoid the mistakes of Europe, but I suspect that we will make those same mistakes but in a much grander scale. When I was a kid, if you looked into our past you could always see the next generation doing better than their parents. Even thru the Depression, or especially because of the Depression the following generation did significantly better, and that has continued up until TODAY. It has stopped dead it it’s tracks, my daughter and her husband, both extremely hard working honest individuals will never have it as good as my wife and I. And it won’t be because of lack of effort on their part. Their saving grace will be the passing of us, and the estate we leave them. We are already making the decision to segment a portion of the estate for our granddaughter’s education. While I see promise in the generation following Allison, I don’t see an infrastructure in place that will be capable of sustaining the necessary long term growth in real goods and services. The market continues to go up and up only to crash and burn. But the sad part is that, all of that is monopoly money. Christ are we screwed. I best stop this rant. – Take care, Bill


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