No Freedom Without Love

Oh, Wiley, you took my breath away. I literally was transfixed staring at the screen and seeing my Claire, who would be so PROUD and I am sure she is up there in Heaven grinning in anticipation of your move and its impact on me. My dear four-footed friend, you have made me so humbled and happy to see your post. First time, tears sprang instantly to my eyes since I wrote of her passing. They were happy, profoundly grateful tears. Thank you, Wiley. Love HuntMode

Wiley's Wisdom

Shelter dogs long for it. Teenagers drool over it. Adults occasionally miss it. The way I see it, there is this thing about independence I can’t quite put my right paw on. It’s almost like its one of those things in the world that isn’t all it’s written up to be. But what exactly is it written up to be?

Well, you’d better believe I thought I knew the answer to that question while I was fending for myself on the streets all that time ago. After the initial anxiety I had about being separated from my mom and brothers wore off, I had a newfound and overwhelming surge of pride in my independence. I could do whatever I wanted wherever I wanted with whom ever I wanted. I didn’t have to report to anyone, rely on anyone or support anyone but myself. It was fabulous!

Feeling the LoveOh dog, did I have…

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3 thoughts on “No Freedom Without Love

  1. Hunt — I posted this over on Wiley’s post. — Wiley, Life is a constant learning experience, you learned a very valuable lesson early and it will help you forever. It also takes a significant amount of courage to ask for help, clearly you have it, You were fortunate that Tiger took you under his paw, and it doing so found you had responsibilities you hadn’t before, but again you stood tall for those new self-imposed responsibilities. Take care Wiley, be safe. Bill


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