Elby That Cat!’s Penthouse

It has been a crazy time here at Chasing Rabbit Holes over the last two weeks. Between Claire Has Flair’s passing and the apartment undergoing wild and loud maintenance, Elby That Cat! has bounced from one crisis to the next. Even before events began, Elby was climbing the walls, literally. If he was a little human boy, they’d have put him on Ridlin for the inability to focus, while simultaneously obsessing on any forbidden object or behavior that merits “No, Elby!” I have learned that if I want him to do something, I simply have to sing in a low, laughing voice, “Nooooo, nooooo, nooooo, Elby.” Works like a charm.

Someone mentioned that a climbing post and perch might work in slowing Elby’s destructive gene from taking out every painting, every object d’art, and lamps, which exert a strange fascination on Elby. He will circle a lamp, paw the shade, get up under the shade, stretch his body upwards, and catching his balance on the lamp’s structure, inevitably knock the lamp over or cheerfully chew the wiring….


I checked out the cost of these climbing posts – they require a first mortgage. Ranging from a useless $39 scratching post to $400 for multiple cat households. This one, costing $79.00, stands taller than the fireplace mantle, has two perches, a variety posts for scratching,


but… it’s most stellar feature for Elby is the toy that dangles underneath the penthouse perch. The original one was short and had feathers – it lasted less than seven minutes before Elby popped it off it’s chain and dragged it proudly all over the living room, the hunter’s strut in every sinew. I would retrieve the toy from Elby, get out the tweezers and reinstall the toy, tightening the clasp. Elby cut his time down to about 45 seconds. The mangled remains of the toy just disapppeared, leaving only feathers. I have replaced the toy once, cleaning up the feathers scattered at the base of Elby’s condo. Here is the little man in action – because, all that hunting wears a body out:




14 thoughts on “Elby That Cat!’s Penthouse

  1. He looks almost exactly like the Data I have at home. Almost to the exact line!!! Remarkable!
    Thank heavens, the one I have at home is more into parking off everywhere, and shedding hair than demolishing things. Although, he’s as good a demolisher – those hairs of his are EVERYWHERE!!
    Glad he’s somewhat happy on his perch P ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • J, it’s possible that is Elby’s happy face! ๐Ÿ™‚ The markings, while gorgeous, give a serious cast to his expression. I just love how he posed for his portrait!


  2. I like your painting behind Elby that Cat! My friend has had the best luck with what looks like a cutdown shoebox that has netting-like hard cardboard inside it. Both her cats would paw away in that little cardboard box to their heart’s content – it would more or less wear them out……


  3. Hunt, what a pampered kitty you have there. I am glad Elby offers protection, from all manner of things. Is this the same lovely creature that dang near cut you to shreds? I am sure there will be a follow up to the Penthouse and I am looking forward to it. Take care, Bill


    • Oh no, Bill, that was Dyssa, the cat before Elby, who was known as the Analyst. I love how you somehow concluded Elby offers me protection…the same Cat! that does bankshots off the back of my head ~ okay, so far only once, but still! He is excellent at hunting bugs or moths, downright obsessive, in fact. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Hunt, Shame on me, I should have realized it was a different cat, I am sorry. Maybe I was being a touch cynical when I said it, or maybe I thought Dyssa was protective of you, not that cats really display that trait towards humans. Bottom line is I am going to pay closer to the name of the pet you are talking about in your posts. Please take care and be safe. — Bill


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