Newest Staff & Family Member for Chasing Rabbit

Hello everyone,

Human Resources has been conducting the search for a new employee to assume Claire Has Flair, the Chaser’s duties. As you can see, such a search would not be an easy position to fill. We have made an offer, which has been accepted and will be meeting the newest member Saturday afternoon, with the expectation she will begin orientation, acclimation and learning the duties of her new position that very day. πŸ™‚ I will admit that the screening appeared one-sided in that it was me that had to earn approval, pass home inspection(s), and possess myself until this Saturday before bringing her home.

Our newest staff and family member is named Dena’s Diamond. She is nine (9) years old, participated in 135 races, and had three children. But here’s the best part: in checking her racing record, I discovered that Dena’s Diamond is the niece of Claire Has Flair. (How ’bout that, ladies and gentlemen?!) Once upon a time, there was a magnificent, prolific gentleman greyhound named Molotov ’94 (there are actually three Molotovs, who are differentiated by their birth year). Molotov ’94 was Claire’s father and Dena’s grandfather, thus I am adopting and welcoming home Dena, Claire’s niece.

A word about Molotov ’94. His bio states he entered the “U.S. Hall of Fame 2007. Winner 1996 Mile High Great Expectations. Set two track records at Mile High in only 7 career races. His track record of 30.96 still stands. #1 NGA Sire Standings 1999-2003. D. 2006.” But, here’s the thing: he had 7,730 offspring. So, the likelihood of running into one of Claire’s relatives was pretty high. (giggle).

Here’s the wonderous Molotov:


Ladies and Gentleman, I present DENA’S DIAMOND:

and, my personal favorite:

12 thoughts on “Newest Staff & Family Member for Chasing Rabbit

  1. I’m so happy for you and Elby… Congrats. Looking forward to lots of pictures and updates. Welcome to your new life Dena. LOVE her name and she is gorgeous :).


  2. Hunt, Dena is a beautiful dog. I have only seen one up close and personal and she belonged to a neighbor. And like Dena, she was rescued after her racing days were over. But she didn’t fair well, and was taken much quicker than expected. But she was a beautiful animal as well, and I have never met a more friendly dog. I am sure Dena will be great for the long haul. I know her new employer is a great person. Take care, Bill


    • Laughter. Why, thank you, Bill, I accept the concept of being a wonderful employer. Ah, the benefits these kids enjoy!

      Now, Claire has Flair was a big scaredy-cat, while looking as scary as can be. Ella, nee Dena’s Diamond, is a gem of an Ambassador. She loves everybody and really loves trucks, the bigger the better…


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