Combating Summer Sloth – hire kids!

I have just finished negotiating with my local short capitalists to do tasks that need to be done and that I don’t want to do. The essence of capitalism. Fortunately, they have not heard of unions, or the need for healthcare and pensions – yet. Why this push to get housecleaning tasks done? After all, […]

Joy ~ a singular sensation

If I could chose any outcome from writing this blog, it would be this continuing sense of wild joy. I’ve had mild joy, great joy, but writing here brings a wild, singing joy in my veins. I am astonished each and every time it happens. Making it even better are the people who come to […]

Before the Night Gets Away… a Word about Music Wyrms

I suspect they are truly spelled Music Worms – those darn songs that get in your head on an endless loop. Now, imagine living with music wyrms 24/7. And I do mean round the clock. It’s a curious thing about friends…. I’ve taken note that as soon as I admit to this (what? problem? challenge? […]

Doing What You Love

For a number of reasons, I’ve been missing in action on this site since early May, posting infrequently. In part, it was the leading up, the going thru, and the aftermath of Claire’s passing; then the adventure of meeting and welcoming Ella, nee Dena’s Diamond, into our family, and… I had attended a Technology conference […]