A Salute – CharlotteCarrendar

CharlotteCarrendar visited my site, which led me to her’s and to Simon’s Cat. Obviously, Charlotte has met Elby That Cat! There is an entire series, but here is one. I highly recommend visiting her site. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Charlotte!

4 thoughts on “A Salute – CharlotteCarrendar

  1. Hunt, I think at one time I wanted to be a cat person, to have a playful cat kinda like Simon. But I wasn’t fortunate in the cat department, we got Ms. T, and she lived with us for over 7 years, and possibly the most hideous (sp) animal that ever walked God’s earth. We tried to love her,but she refused that love. I might actually write a post about her, just to get even LOL. But had I had a cat like i have seen at other people’s homes, or the zillion video’s, most likely he would be sitting here next to me as I write this. I will visit Ms Charlotte’s blog. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, I keep hearing about this ‘orrible cat once upon a time, long, long ago. Get over it and get a new kitty, already! Your one time cat was a freakazoid, she said bluntly. Well, not counting Elby, That Cat! who clawed the $hit out of my left arm the other day. Sigh. Still working with Peroxide and Neosporin…


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