Joy ~ a singular sensation

If I could chose any outcome from writing this blog, it would be this continuing sense of wild joy. I’ve had mild joy, great joy, but writing here brings a wild, singing joy in my veins. I am astonished each and every time it happens. Making it even better are the people who come to read and then stay to like and or comment. That I am not shouting out into a vast echoing silence, but the space is filled with answers coming back on the wind through the internet, forming relationships and family. Thank you. What a blessing!

I went looking for a song that came instantly to mind when writing the above. Here it is:

7 thoughts on “Joy ~ a singular sensation

    • Yes, that too. I once went through writer’s burn out and it took years to recapture the joy – all of which resulting from trying to tailor my writings to what publishers wanted. I treasure and nurture this joy.


  1. While I can’t say writing my blog fills me with wild joy, I have to admit that it is a big part of my life. I have better friends in cyberspace than I have in real life!!
    Maybe that’s just sad 😉
    Still, reading what you write, reliving your experiences with you, does fill me with a kind of kinship – here’s to long blogging hours ahead!


  2. Hunt, This post made me reach for my headphones and fire up music, the 1st tune out of the box is Brooks and Dunn — Boots Scootin Boogie. What a great inspiration LOL. You blog gives so much so, folks get hooked quickly, I know I did. You are creative and have a sense of right and wrong that matches mine. I came whole-heartedly to your blog, and I take something from it each day which makes me smile. Thank you, I am so glad you appreciate the comments..


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