4 thoughts on “Give me a hug!

  1. I happen to agree wholeheartedly with that parent. I do the same with my children and I have gotten grief from others for not requiring my child to submit to their demand for affection. To that I say, tough. Their sense of control over their bodies is far more important than your need for a hug in the moment.


  2. Hunt, this is what I posted on Rara blog regarding your post. — Rara, This struck very close to home for me. My granddaughter is not a hugger, nor is she a kisser. At first I was offended, but I never expressed that emotion. I accepted what she willingly gave. Over the last 4 years (she is 8 1/2 now) she isn’t nearly as distance and sometimes she hugs and kisses me for no reason at all which make for the best possible hug and kiss. I am grateful that my Daughter didn’t “force” her, and that my granddaughter made her own decision to be more affectionate. I think this is a great post, Thanks for sharing — Bill


    • I wondered what you’d think of this post, Bill. I know how much your granddaughter means to you and how much you would cherish and value a hug from her. I am really pleased you felt strongly enough to write Rara. She goes out on limbs sometimes and it makes me feel good to see a net forming underneath her. 🙂


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