Romance ~ nuturing it

So, it’s been a grim week, don’t you think? The news is just awful. I was determined to have a light Friday evening. Maybe some grisly TV drama, some CSI variation or Criminal Intent or Les Miserables – you know, a light, but intense evening. And then, I saw that Red was on again. It is a delightful film with Bruce Willis and it’s been on for 39 minutes. I’ve been laughing from the beginning – it truly helps when you’ve seen it before. The actors are first notch and it is a delightful tale of spies, espionage, betrayal, loyalties and ROMANCE. If you haven’t seen it, see it!

And, better yet, Red 2 came out today! Yes!

11 thoughts on “Romance ~ nuturing it

  1. RED 2? Brilliant!!
    I have RED on my external drive – it’s absolutely the best 🙂
    As I already said – Bruce Willis rocks, kicks ass and takes names!


  2. I have never seen it, But I will before the week is out!
    Thank you for sharing it…
    Take Care..


    • LadyBlueRose, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope you enjoy the film – in truth, it is a rollicking ride where everyone seems to have enjoyed the writing and I certainly enjoyed both the writing and the acting. Men often make fun of women reading romance novels, when I hold they should get down on their knees and thank God women do or else the species would grind to a halt. … grin.


  3. Hunt, Red is entirely too much fun. I saw Red on the big screen originally, and a friend who was with me told me more than once they can’t do that in real life. All i could think to say was “No Shit!,” but it doesn’t change the fact it’s still a great movie. I am a big time Bruce Willis fan all the way back to “MoonLighting.” Take care, Bill


    • I loved Moonlighting! I saw both RED and RED2 again recently. It makes me laugh and joy zings up from my feet! Another good one was Romancing the Stone… still start laughing when I think of it.


    • Okay, you got me to searching for Moonlighting – not on Amazon, except for sale; Hulu didn’t have it, Netflix doesn’t have it streaming… went to youtube – God bless ’em – I found one that was a tribute and it gives the essence of the show with no words, just set to a tune! – they are so young! LOL – here’s the link:

      And then I struck gold – I found Season 1, Episode 1 and I am going to have a lovely 1.30 minutes of fun:

      Thanks, Bill1


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