Combating Summer Sloth – hire kids!

I have just finished negotiating with my local short capitalists to do tasks that need to be done and that I don’t want to do. The essence of capitalism. Fortunately, they have not heard of unions, or the need for healthcare and pensions – yet.

Why this push to get housecleaning tasks done? After all, my days of never going to bed before the house was sparkling are so far in my past as to be invisible to the naked eye. My brother is coming to visit. Six little words packed with implications. I love my brother. I am looking forward to him coming to visit if he makes it on his trip up the coast from California. He has back problems, which might change his plans if the driving turns out to be too much sitting for too long periods. And, yet…. He is a fuss-budget, cantankerous curmudgeon meticulous man and he will comment on the state of my house. He cannot help himself and I don’t want to hear it.

If you’ve never had back problems, you simply cannot understand the “discomfort,” as dentists shooting Novocaine into the roof of your mouth, and/or once you have thrown your back out, physicians telling you to undress in the emergency room for x-rays, climb up on a table for the x-ray, put your clothes back on, oh, take off the pants again as we’re going to give you a shot of Demerol (or whatever it was). On the last one, I was so exasperated by it, I refused and took the shot in my bicep. A word of advice: do not do that. Unlike a lot of shots, that one packs a wollop and it gets worse as time progresses – especially if you weigh 94 lbs. Didn’t do a thing for my back and made me cranky as all get out – none of the lovely effects it is supposed to give. Bottom line, my brother may or may not come this Sunday. It is only Tuesday, so I’ve time to get the house in order, right? Clearly, you have not been to my house. Between my 3500 books and the two college degrees I completed, I have built up a Dumbledorf-worthy pile of material that has to be cleared – and only I can do that. To contain the disarray as it grew, I filled and labelled boxes that now must be sorted for toss, shred, keep and refile….. meantime, the deep fryer needs deep cleaning; the patio needs sweeping and some tidying for our summer evenings outside, bbq-ing and drinking and chatting; the windows inside and out need to be cleaned; and the standing drape panels need to be unhooked, cleaned and rehooked.

The kids stopped by today for taking out the trash or doing any tasks I might have. Standard rate for taking out trash is a $1.00 per bag. That might seem excessive until you realize that the property management in their green wisdom moved all the trash bins to the other end of the property, which necessitates driving to dump our trash…. a very strong pet peeve of mine, as you all know from previous entries. Blessing their cotton-picking socks, the kids in the neighborhood responded by offering to take the trash for us at a $1.00 per bag – they worked out the price over the months – though, there are a couple of ’em that undercut the others upon occasion (!).

Here’s some handy things to know. Kinkos will shred your boxes of stuff you prefer shredding rather than risking to trash theives who might steal personal identity info. My local Kinkos will shred it for .79 cents per lb. Fabulous price – they’ve got the security down, using a locked storage bin and the local shredding service used by law firms, which is good enough for my peace of mind. I’m facing years of tax and personal stuff and I do not want to spend the time shredding – I’ll be retired before I’m done, if not insane from the sound, and I’m still unemployed….. My local UPS store priced it at $5.00 per lb because they had the same tiny shredder I have – I called ’em back and told ’em about Kinkos, so they could refer their customers. Believe me, the manager was delighted as there is no profit or security in UPS doing the task. I bought some plastic bins that serve as holders of stuff during sorting so that I’m not left with more piles of stuff. Mind, that contradicts my philosophy of touching a piece of paper only once, but it answers the problem of building more stacks before putting ’em away at the risk of shuddering at the sight, backing up and walking away. Or worse, shoving it all into the bedroom closet, which I did when the plumbing crews arrived and I still have to clean out the closet….

You see the challenges here? I had intentions of completing and posting on such fascinating subjects as men and women do think differently and do gay couples do better in that department? Or, tackling national topics such as the revelations on the IRS targeting select groups and how that might impact implementing Obamacare, or who caused the war on women – is there one or did we shoot ourselves in the foot, ladies? What happened to all the uproar over the jury verdict of George Zimmerman? Do we want solutions or do we just want to fight? A post about whip-sawing between hearing a friend has been robbed and another friend jumped in and transformed an elementary school in less than seven hours with 299 fellow employees. You know, gentle topics like those. Instead, the kids knocked and we have this post.

Summer tunes, anyone? Depending on your mood, Otis Redding’s Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, the Beach Boys’ Kokomo, Katrina & The Waves’ Walking on Sunshine, and Ricky Martin’s She Bangs – the last two very good for high energy housework – or something! Grin.

8 thoughts on “Combating Summer Sloth – hire kids!

  1. “…who caused the war on women – is there one or did we shoot ourselves in the foot, ladies?” Interesting point for discussion. Made me think of an old poem by Phyllis McGinley: The Old Feminist
    Snugly upon the equal height,
    enthroned at last where she belongs,
    She takes no pleasure in her Rights
    who so enjoyed her Wrongs!


  2. All brilliant tunes those P!!
    As for the cleaning up – I will likely have to face exactly that kind of clean up when the move is a certainty. No use carting everything around with you if you can just get it out of the way before you move.
    Hope it all went well and that bro made it there safely and not too cantankerous 😉


    • I’ve moved 45 times over my life and the good thing about that is you truly learn what you care about and want to have around you. In my case, it was close to 4,000 books – hard on my friends who volunteer to help me move!


  3. Hunt, I feel your pain, I am getting ready for my annul medical statement roundup. All year long I collect EOB’s (explanation of benefit) for the family members, test results, medical bills (for co-pays), printed documents on what this that or the other drug will do for and to you, and finally the misc stuff that comes in, into a single neat pile. Now I must sort this pile it to his/hers, then sort his (for Doc Lung,Doc Infectious and hospital stays, then by month, All of hers goes into one folder unsorted. All of this to say I feel your pain. And I don’t even have a house guest coming. I love guests and hate guests. It really is a nightmare then, so I feel your pain on many levels. Doesn’t make it any better for you. But now you have another shoulder to lean on. I know when I get into the August Posts, how this visit when, or if he came on not. I do hope so, because I would hate to think that having the munchkins working for you must have been a significant effort, which required a lot of supervision. Yes your place was cleaned up, but still you really would like to see him, I know you would. Okay I will stop, please take care, and I will see you in August. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, the secretary/organizer in me instantly came up with a solution for your tasks going forward that would make your life easier. But that may be akin to when women just want to vent and men try to actually solve the problem. Grin.


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