Meet Ms. Ella

Ms. Ella has been with Elby and I since June 8, almost two months and in that two months she has blossomed splendidly. She is playful, affectionate, the Ambassador of Greyhounds, interested in everyone and everything outside. She and Mister Elby egg each other on, competing for attention. In her previous foster house, dinner was at 3:00 p.m. – oooh, that was an adjustment. For a period there, every day there was a trumpeting call of sharp barks (very unusual for a greyhound) that I was falling down on the job. Here are some snaps of Ms. Ella. A friend put together a lovely video with music, but it is not loading easily, so I surrender:




8 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Ella

  1. Hunt, Soft smile, Ms,.Ella is beautiful. You see it in her face, I am so glad you found her and she you. I know from prior reports she has settled into her role as household employee, and I know that in the future, she will be employee of the month. The journey continues. Take care, Bill


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