Does Truth Matter?

If you took the summer off or simply listened to music rather than the news, you may be confused as you tune back in. Scandals? What scandals? President Obama and his press secretary, Jay Carney, are stating that the Republicans are creating phony scandals. Hmm. Really? I guess it would depend on what you think is scandalous. It is hard to keep track of them, especially when they start to converge.

Victor Davis Hanson writes “The Mother of All Scandals.”

5 thoughts on “Does Truth Matter?

  1. Hunt, I hit the like button, just so you knew I had been here. I am sickened by the price we Americans must pay for the right to serve our fucking politicians. From the highest office in our land, to county school boards, the entire machine has become a meat grinder. And we as citizens are the ones being grounded into nothingness. When I was a kid (my navy days) my security clearance (beyond Top Secret) was the most sacred thing I had ever accomplished. To be considered that trust worthy. But now our leader and each friggin snuffie below him are the worst criminals imaginable. I honestly do not believe there is one single person in the administration that could pass even the simplest of lie detector test. Hell they probably couldn’t say their given name without the meter pegging. Yet in a couple years they will walk away from this mess, smiling, waving their hands, with their heads in their asses, and living off the government tit for the rest of their worthless lives. I am sick and I am angry. Reading that story is the exact reason I have come to bury my head in the sand. And just by writing this in your blog, pretty much ensures that we will both be on the watch list. Bitter smile sometimes it’s not such a bad thing to having a terminal disease. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, I am struck also that it is five months after this post and still no clarity, just more scandals. The castigation of the Tea Party by politicians and the media is one of the most blatant of lies. People who tried or may still be trying to lawfully and respectfully reclaim their rights to a Constitutional government. I despair when I see the voting turnout.


      • Hunt, Whenever I enter into any political discussion, one of my 1st questions is “did you vote?” If they answer yes, I will have a discussion or argument with them if they want, because by voting at least you have earned the right to be a dumb ass, but if they answer no. I look them in the eye, and tell them in essence what they have to say doesn’t really matter because they didn’t vote. Voting gives you the right to stand on your soap box and scream. If you don’t vote all you can do is listen and serve those that did, Because by not voting you have given up your argument..


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