The World is Bigger than our Backyard, eh?

I was having a chat with my good friend Wiley – we leave messages back and forth on our posts, of course. Somehow, we got onto a discussion of whether Wiley, a most intrepid, loving dog, could go bicycle riding with his forever peeps, which tickled a memory from long ago of dogs and motorcycles. Naturally, before tempting Wyles, I had to do some research…. Giggle. Here you go, my very own peeps:

This has music:

7 thoughts on “The World is Bigger than our Backyard, eh?

  1. I am flattered to have our conversation make such a pronounced appearance on your site, dear HuntMode. And this whole motorcycle riding looks fantastic! Maybe I can hijack one of the motorcycles that’s going to be in town for the big Harley 110th anniversary party that’s coming up in Milwaukee. 😉


  2. Hunt, This is exactly what I needed after that last post. I went from a deep seeded smoldering anger to light hearted in moments, And hearing the DOG being more loyal and cheaper than a girlfriend really made me giggle. Then the following “Bad to the Bone” video had me . I have been a fan of George Throughgood forever and 2 days. “Bad to the Bone” was the lead song in Terminator 2, what a great opening sequence that was. Thank you for perking me up immediately after the other. Take care, Bill .


    • Me, too, Bill. Dennis Miller has a talk radio program Mon-Fri, available at different hours throughout the country. He’s one of the few I actually support monthly just so that I can listen to his broadcasts whenever I want. After the 2012 elections, he began saying something to the effect that the country has changed and yes, you need to stand up and howl occasionally, but not to let “them” take up rent in your head. These videos remind me there’s more to life.


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