Balance – Starting the Day

We all find ways to keep on an even keel, mine began in my 20’s with affirmations that I did for 15 minutes in the a.m. and p.m. and then evolved over the years into a variety of ways that bring me peace and balance. Most important and without being funny, it begins with a cup of coffee. There’s nothing sacred about the coffee, it’s Folgers, prepared the night before and set to an alarm that goes off so the coffee is ready when I get up. This is guaranteed to label me a heretic from the word go in the City of Seattle, home of Starbucks. Nonetheless, we all have our spiritual paths and this one is mine.

Next up, I crack open my journal and write my morning pages – sometimes composed of just venting and, at other times, exploring some very deep wells of inspiration. These are not for publication, God Forbid!, it is a way for me to get my physical, mental and emotional selves all aligned with my Soul for the day. Before the pages are finished, I draw two Angel Cards, one for my left hand and one for my right. This represents two qualities I am to focus on throughout the day. Because I am right-handed, the left represents the quality coming in and the right represents the quality I am to give out. I love this exercise as it feels as though God’s Light is advising me for the day. Today, for example, I received Harmony coming in and Openness going out. Those are the qualities I try to keep in mind as I go through my day.

Next is a reading from Soulutions by Jody Miller Stevenson. I pick two numbers and read the pages. This is followed by reading the entries for the day from God Calling and Jesus Calling.

I round it all off with an affirmation and prayer thanking God for all my blessings and for the blessings in which I get to participate.

I am rather astounded at how this has become such an integrated routine in my life. And, for the record, it works. Also, for the record, there are days where I am running late – then it is the coffee, the Angel Cards and a prayer.

8 thoughts on “Balance – Starting the Day

  1. I love this. I actually have a similar routine that has been part of my mornings for the last year or so. It does help and I like your take on it all — gave me some new ideas. Seems like achieving some kind of peace and balance takes practice and conscious effort. Making it a part of my morning routine, helps me to prioritize and remember what matters in life before getting caught up in the day-to-day challenges.


    • Robin, I think you put your finger right on it. It takes both practice and conscious effort – it is easy to fall into a routine, but without stirring the pot, it becomes rote. All those little variations keep me awake and alert to what I can do. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  2. The deliberate routines are important. I needed this to remember how uplifting these practices are. Thank you! When you explained affirmations to me sone 30+ years ago they were so effective. Thanks for the reminder! Routines are so important to set up our days for the positive.


    • Anna, my apologies for the delay in this showing up – somehow it went to Spam – lucky for me, I caught it! The trick on routines is they are both comforting and stagnating and so must be balance. ‘Course, that goes for pretty much everything, eh? Although, I believe it is Mae West, who said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!”


  3. I invariably run late. But almost never too late for coffee 😉
    And I tend to pray at night. Actually while holding a tree the other night – quite the calming experience that was!
    Maybe I should get myself a set of Angel cards – that’s something that won’t take too much time, and we can all use good energy…


    • Ah, trees are amazing – they are rooted and flowing with all that life energy. How wonderful you can tune into that. I love those Angel Cards – they are all positive and it helps me focus on two qualities, which is doable. 🙂


  4. Hunt, Your morning routine sounds so wonderful, it seems to set the stage for you each morning Just Right, for that day. It brings into focus a clear direction that if you follow, will serve you well for that 24 hour period. Apparently you manage to stay with it quite well. From reading the other responders you have struck a cord of similarity with them, their routines might differ, but there is a sequence of events that start their days, and puts them in motion. Smiling I too have my own sequence of events that start my day, and they serve me well. I am sorry to say though that meditation and inner review don’t have a place there, and maybe I am and need that. It is something for me to work on. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, I used to break out into a hot sweat trying to “meditate” based on all I’d read of proper procedures – lotus position, close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out… blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah. Could not do it. I think somewhere in here is a retreat I went on where ducks surrounded me when I was “trying” to meditate and I remember opening my eyes and thinking, “Oh my God! They’re going to attack!” Seems to me whatever works for you – use it. 🙂


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