Irreconcilable Philosophical Differences – Warning! Venting!

I’ve been quiet for months now. Or perhaps, I just feel like I’ve been reapplying that favorite all purpose tape men love…duct tape to my mouth. By now, you all know I am a news junkie. I can supply all the labels necessary for short speak – conservative will do for now. From where I sit, the world has passed beyond madness where reality means nothing. 24/7/365 news outlets are more for entertainment than for real news. My email is through yahoo, who cheerfully changes my layout, the parameters of my email, what headlines I should be interested in without asking me if that is what I would like. I would change but when I look at the alternatives, unless I choose to pay for it, there are no good alternatives and, near as I can tell, it wouldn’t stymy the NSA in the slightest.

I’ve been on a long fuse burning. I want to vent in so many directions at one time that I come on this page and cannot figure out where to begin.

We had an election here in the State of Washington. My little town has 49,000 registered voters. The most recent count of total votes says that 9100 votes were counted – that is 18.57%. This was for our city council primary. The top two candidates will duke it out in the general. For the county:

August 2013 Primary Election:
By the numbers
Ballots issued 1,195,974
Registered voters 1,187,888
Ballots returned 347,020
Ballots counted 340,236
Voters using AVUs (accessible voting units) 106
Ballots accessed online 1,916
Ballots returned at drop boxes 51,241
Ballots with signature challenges 7,737
Ballots with remaining signature challenges 2,486
Returned too late 4,163
Returned as undeliverable 17,911

Total ballots counted: 340,236

I’m sure there’s an explanation for more ballots issued than registered voters. 30% voted. How on earth do we come to grips with our problems if we won’t even vote?

Here were some of our headline stories today: In Oklahoma, three teenagers were arrested for shooting an Australian student here on scholarship as he passed by jogging. Why did they shoot him? Because they were bored. Boredom? Boredom?!.

In San Diego, California, their mayor stands accused of sexual harassment by last count 16 women, including a great-grandmother, specifying headlocks and requests they not wear underwear while working… He refuses to step down and then demands the City cover his legal expenses.

The NSA admits their program is too big and broad to avoid capturing information on Americans. And, just for balance, here’s some more reports, here and here.

We have so many scandals outstanding in this Administration from NSA spying on Americans and retaining information collected; the IRS targeting conservative political groups and small businesses, the U.S. Department of Justice eavesdropping on the Associated Press and Fox News Reporter James Rosen. Oh, and they also tapped Congress. Or, did they? The scandals were coming so fast and hard, you could almost forget about Benghazi and the death of four Americans and the false story pushed by the Administration it was all due to a video, or you might forget about Fast & Furious, this time the ATF running weapons into Mexico.

This might lead you to the Middle East and what’s happening there. Well, you’ve got Syria and its civil war. Today’s news, the UN team is on the ground to investigate earlier reports about the use of chemical weapons by either side against the other. It was timely, as another use of chemical weapons killing children and adults is all over the news. The Obama Administration has been talking of arming the rebels, but there’s a bit of a problem in that Al Qaeda elements are all mixed in with the rebels. So, do we arm our enemies? Who’s on first? In Gilding the Lilly, Richard Fernandez points out that when people call out that this HAS TO STOP NOW, what they mean is that the United States should make it stop now. Good luck with that. Remember? We’re the bad guys. We’re the morally bankrupt. We’re the greedy capitalists.

Alright, let’s move on to Egypt and the possibility of civil war there. The Arab Spring brought about the fall of Mubarak and the wonders of an election held bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power. A year later, crowds are in the street protesting the Muslim Brotherhood’s excesses of rewriting the Constitution, and moving towards Sharia law. The Muslim Brotherhood’s is well known as being terrorist affiliated and its stated aim is to reestablish a Caliphate and to bring down the United States, the Great Satan, as well as to annihilate Israel. The Egyptian Military deposed President Morsi, which, by any other name, would be called a coup, which leads to a big U.S. problem. We provide aid to Egypt with the caveat aid ceases in the event of a coup. However, is it a coup if the elected break all the laws they were elected to uphold? The protests were bloody and the death toll high, with neighborhoods forming their own militias to protect themselves against the Muslim Brotherhood supporters. The West cries out to stop the killing in both Syria and Egypt and begs the two sides to come together and talk. Richard Fernandez comments on our diplomats feeling that conflict resolution is always best, rather than a clear winner and loser. Nowadays, war is just an ongoing event.

Okay. All this brings me back to the Kingston Trio’s Merry Minuet performed in 1959 – have we changed all that much?:

Yesterday I wrote about spiritual practices. Today, I posted this and walked away. I was bending over to give the cat and dog some treats and said aloud, “Why are you getting so agida, Huntie? We haven’t nuked anybody in 50 years. You really think you’re in control here?” Time for an ice cold Stoli vodka mini-martini. Do I apply the glass to my forehead or drink it? Both.

6 thoughts on “Irreconcilable Philosophical Differences – Warning! Venting!

  1. I heard that the average American spends SEVEN MINUTES a WEEK on news. You and I Huntie, spend several hours a DAY. We aren’t elites or intellectuals, we are the type of citizen that the Founders envisioned. The ones that understand the duties and responsibilities of a citizen in a Republic. Americans, God love ’em, have become experts in just one thing: being entertained. The enemy is within, and we are in danger. We’ll have to develop an “app” to reach them on their “smart” phones.


  2. Hope you drank the Stoli.
    As for the scandals happening in your country – this has been the case in mine for the last going on 20 years.
    Take it from me – it’s only going to get worse.
    The world is broken P. And I don’t think it can ever be fixed again.


  3. Hunt, Since we met we have been in lock step, I have found too few and meaningless things to disagree with you about I don’t. And this piece falls right into the category. I am not a news junkie, but then I am not a sports junkie either. But I do like to think I read enough of both to get a feel for what is going on during that 4 minute period. This country is going to hell in a hand basket, clearly there is no one at the wheel of this wreck waiting to happen (if I had any other witty cliché’s I would throw them in). My point is that on my worst day I only spend an hour listening (mostly reading) to hard core news. If I am lucky I manage to keep my intake down to 30 minutes a day. Anything more and I explode, the shear craziness of what is going on overwhelms me, I want to be more astute, I want to be more knowledgeable, but my brain doesn’t have the functionality to absorb so much bullshit and process it correctly. I applaud your abilities, I applaud your ability to write about it and make sense of it (not knowing if sense is the word of choice here), and I appreciate you keeping your bull shit meter in the full on position, and weeding thru most of it. Thank you, it is days like today that make me wish I read more Red Dress stories. Please take care and thank you for being you, and a voice of some reason. Take care, Bill

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    • In truth, Bill, it is why I wrote the Red Dress story (1/17/14 for future reference). Between the news and the serial publishing of my manual, “When to Lay the Weapons Down,” a touch of lightness was called for – a touch of why we love or why I love life so much. It’s actually rather difficult to stay informed if you don’t utilize multiple sources — the lapse and outright lack of coverage and questioning of this White House is more than appalling – it is criminal. That said, life goes on and if we don’t take some time out and enjoy or or remember why we’re fighting the good fight, what’s the point? 🙂 Thanks, Bill.


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