BBQ Spareribs, potatoe salad, bake beans – it’s what’s for dinner

This all started because of my neighbor, Steven. A couple of months ago, Steven asked, while petting Ella, if I liked BBQ sauce. Why yes, yes, I do. Turns out he has taken over his father-in-law’s recipe and started a side business of selling BBQ sauce. He offered me a jar and asked that I give him feedback. Walked back into the house, put it on the shelf of the dividing wall between hall and study. Elby found it and cheerfully knocked it onto the floor with a resolute CRASH and SMASH. Sadly, I cleaned up, noting how good the sauce smelled.

A month goes by and Steve hears about what happened. My brother, visiting, comes back from a walk with Ella and states that my neighbor, Steve, sends this jar of BBQ with his compliments and wants feedback. This time, I do put it in the refrigerator so Elby can’t get to it easily again. (No telling with Elby, he probably opens and raids the refrigerator while I’m sleeping.) Before I can do anything with the BBQ sauce, I run into Steve again, and have to admit, nope, haven’t done a BBQ thing yet. He grins at me, “I just meant open the jar and have a taste, Huntie!” Oh. Well, that would be too easy, see?

I made a trip to the market, picked up a rack of Baby Back Ribs, ingredients for potato salad and a can of (I think) BBQ Bush’s Grilling Beans, Southern Pit Barbecue Baked Beans. Looked up recipes – while I have a Weber’s grill, my coals are old and not to be trusted. Found a recipe that begins with a detailed rub of spices, refrigerate overnight, start the oven six hours before you want to eat – begin at 225 degrees for three hours, then another three hours at 180 degrees, than 10 minutes on broil with the BBQ sauce. Naturally, I’ve messed with the recipe – changed the rub, for one thing. Cooking time; did the first three hours in aluminum foil (so far so good); then checked for doneness – they’re done at 170 degrees per meat thermometer, poured a bit of sauce on ’em, opened up the foil and then just tented it. As it is only enough ribs for one of big appetite, I’m figuring the cooking times might be a bit faster.

The potato salad came out great and the extra cooking time on the ribs gives it enough time to chill. (Clear throat). Curious thing about people’s reaction to potato salad…. I’ve been talking about doing this for a couple of days and nobody frets the ribs. They fret the potato salad. “Yeah, alright. Here’s the key question: What kind of Mayonnaise? Do you use mustard? Is it sweet or sour?” In my kitchen, there is no question about what kind of mayonnaise. Best Foods, of course. None of that sugar stuff – eeee-yuck. For the east coasters – that’s Hellmann’s. Mustard? No. I might have if I had dry mustard on hand, but I didn’t. Ours is a family recipe handed down from my Aunt Jeanne and it is as basic as it gets – potato, onion, celery, mayo, salt and pepper. That’s it. Anybody who eats it wants seconds. I eat thirds myself. Not worried about the BBQ baked beans – they’re in a can and they will cooperate.

This is why men BBQ. And women give birth. It is what we are designed to do. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Meantime, here’s a picture of someone else’s success:

UPDATAE: Well, I’m stuffed and a happy, contented cook. Everything came out perfect. The ribs fell off the bone, they looked just like that picture, and tasted better. Added the final touch of sliced egg on the potato salad, heated up those beans and ate until I could not move. The recipe for those ribs can be found here

And, the Chaplain’s Gourmet Barbecue Sauce was divine. Just for my neighbor, Steve, you can order some here: 785-375-1362. Grin.

8 thoughts on “BBQ Spareribs, potatoe salad, bake beans – it’s what’s for dinner

  1. I love BBQ ribs! My husband loves grilling, and he is really good at it. I don’t even attempt to mess with his grill because I know that’s all him! haha!
    I do like how you wrote men are meant to grill and women meant to give birth! I chuckled at that one. 😉


    • Oh, no, you just heard my inner brain. It came down to rub some spices on the ribs, wrap ’em aluminum foil and leave ’em alone for six hours. I ate way too much though!


  2. Hunt, and you didn’t even invite me to dinner, I would have licked my fingers clean several times during the meal, would have enjoyed the potato salad (while wondering about the recipe) and would have left the beans for you to enjoy all by yourself. I am glad you had a great meal, but what about the bbq sauce? Was it any good? I know you used a dry rub before you stuck it in the oven, but was grandpa’s bbq sauce recipe any good? Was it tangy? Just curious. I cook the ribs here, I use a dry rub of any and all dry rubs available, so cook in the oven (covered) for about 2 hours, and pull them out, smoother them with BABY RAY’s sweet and tangy sauce and finish on the grill. Damn good eating!!! Take care, and thanks for getting my stomach all fired up at 7am. Take care and have a great day. – Bill


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