Supporting the filibuster on the floor of the Senate re defunding of Obamacare

Right now, you can watch on C-Span2, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is on the floor of the Senate (since 2:41 p.m. ET) and vows to keep going until his voice gives out. Senator Jeff Sessions has joined him on the floor, asking questions, which Senator Cruz accepts without yielding the floor – this debate […]

A Shout Out to Good and Honorable Men

This was a week for the topic of good and honorable men, the need for them and the recognition of just how badly such men are needed. This post is long overdue. Back in December 2012, when I first began this blog, I drafted a post on how men and women think differently; something clear […]

In honor of Yom Kippur

Tonight is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement practiced by Jews around the world. It is their holiest day of the year. There is much commentary about separating church and state and how harmful religion has been throughout the centuries. After 9/11, church attendance skyrocketed. Sadly, it didn’t last, but it is curious when we […]

Going Southern ~ Collard Greens and Fried Green Tomatoes

Oh, I am in such discomfort… it feels like a cast iron skillet landed inside my stomach. I got an attack of veggies (see earlier post on Acorn Squash) crossed with Southern ties. For my friends from other countries, the United States is large enough that we divide our cooking via region. Southern cooking means […]

About those chemical weapons in Syria

I started thinking about searching for chemical weapons in Syria, reputed to be about 1000 tons, in the middle of a civil war. Even if Assad has his brother, who he placed in charge of those chemical weapons, escort inspectors to the sites, assuming those inspectors are not shot by the rebels, now what? Collecting […]

In Memory of 9/11/2001 NY, DC, PA and 9/11/2012 Benghazi

I believe it was Margaret Thatcher who commented that no one honors their dead more than Americans. (Though I could be wrong as I was unable to locate the source). Up until last year, there was only one 9/11 that came to mind and that was 2001. This year, still unanswered, is what happened in […]

Syria ~ Have we dodged a bullet or embraced Iran’s nuclear armament?

President Obama addressed the nation this evening regarding striking Syria for its use of chemical weapons on August 21. On the face of it, it is a good speech. And, then, in the silence that follows, you think it over and may find yourself asking, “What did he just say?” It helps to read the […]

It’s Officially Fall ~ I am nesting

It was a gorgeous day here in a suburb of South Seattle. Blue skies, warm sun, just a faint hint of Fall – a kind of Indian summer quality to the air that cooled as darkness quietly fell. I know it is Fall because suddenly I am nesting. This means my interest in cooking has […]

Watching for Miracles ~ Making Room for God

The celebration of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, began at sundown on Wednesday, September 3 and ends at sundown this evening. It is both a time of celebration and a time of review and atonement. It commemorates the creation of Adam and Eve and the relationship between God and humanity. While it is celebrated […]