“The Hunger Games” ~ the film

I may be the last person on the planet to have not seen The Hunger Games, the 2012 film, until this evening. I remember hearing about it, but it just shot over my radar and kept going.

To my surprise, it was just excellent, right from the gitgo. The books came out in 2008 as a Trilogy, or maybe they evolved over time into a trilogy. The second of the films is scheduled to premiere November 22, 2013. For the record, I’m ordering the books.

11 thoughts on ““The Hunger Games” ~ the film

    • Well, you loved RED and now there’s RED (2). Here’s another one I do think you’d enjoy; though, mind, it is a drama. You’re always improving my musical choices, after all! Grin.


  1. Hunt, I saw hunger games after reading the book. It wasn’t the type of book I would have chosen, but my daughter insisted. Thankfully I had completed the book before the movie was released. Your review is very good. The movie was as true to the book as possible. Great acting, intriguing plot. It seemed familiar to me, but a zillion years ago all I read was sci-fy and …. Take care, Bill


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