Watching for Miracles ~ Making Room for God

The celebration of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, began at sundown on Wednesday, September 3 and ends at sundown this evening. It is both a time of celebration and a time of review and atonement. It commemorates the creation of Adam and Eve and the relationship between God and humanity. While it is celebrated for two days, it is part of the 10 days of Awe, concluding with Yom Kippur, the Day of Reconciliation between individuals and between God and the individual.

I thought to write this back on September 2, when as part of my daily meditations, I read that day’s entry from the book by Sarah Young, Jesus Calling:

“LIVING IN DEPENDENCE ON ME is a glorious adventure. Most people scurry around busily, trying to accomplish things through their own strength and ability. Some succeed enormously; others fail miserably. But both groups miss what life is meant to be: living and working in collaboration with Me.

When you depend on Me continually, your whole perspective changes. You see miracles happening all around, while others see only natural occurrences and “coincidences.” You begin each day with joyful expectation, watching to see what I will do. You accept weakness as a gift from Me, knowing that My power plugs in most readily to consecrated weakness. You keep your plans tentative, knowing that My plans are far superior. You consciously live, move, and have your being in Me, desiring that I live in you. I in you, and you in Me. This is the intimate adventure I offer you.”

2 Corinthians 12:9-10; Acts 17:28; Colossians 2:6-7; John 14:20

It is odd to be a political junkie and someone who consciously and willingly tries to move as God would have me – remaining flexible in my plans, because in my belief, God is infinite and He/She/The Source might have a better idea than I, a better use of my time, and so I try hard to keep in mind that I must make room for God, while actively participating in what is around me. It could be as simple as the gift of a smile, or a word of encouragement, or simply listening as someone stops to speak with me in the market, at the gas station, my bank or out walking the dog.

I like the idea of this partnership, that I could be serving something, someone bigger than myself and in turn helping this world I live in. It is not easy in this time of cynicism, serious troubles, and frightening possibilities. We are granted free will to choose our path, but the consequences are frequently out of our sight and calculation. Good intentions are not enough, but they are a fine start. I have been a cynic and it is a cold, dark place to inhabit. People will argue about the Bible, the origin of Earth, intelligent design, science vs. faith.

I bear witness that my belief and faith in the existence of God, a purposeful God, has brought me more joy and peace than the cynic’s view and emotional despair and fear. To begin my day waking up in expectation of miracles and deciding I will keep a bold eye out for ’em makes even the rough days lighter.

Last night, I was watching the BBC’s Midsummer Murders episode, “Ring Out Your Dead,” (okay, it is a mystery series) and there were two pieces of music so beautiful, so glorious that I stopped the episode and tracked them down. The glory of the human voice is simply stunning to me. Here, for your listening pleasure:

– 9/2/13 – waking up in expectation of miracles and keeping a bold eye out for ’em.

9 thoughts on “Watching for Miracles ~ Making Room for God

  1. I’m not quite on the same level as you, but I do try and see the beauty in each day. But I don’t often extend that to other people, people not being my thing.
    as for the Midsummer murders, loved that series! And such beautiful tunes!!!


  2. Hunt, I don’t even know if my faith is even in the same zip code as yours. I do believe strongly in God and his son Jesus. But I don’t for a second believe the church is my gateway to heaven. Many including both my wife and daughter believe because I don’t pronounce my love of Jesus and my belief in God our Father, in church I am bound for hell. I sure hope that isn’t case. Because if so, all these years of one-on-one conversations with God have been for not.

    I suspect in the next few years I will find out, one way or the other. LOL Please take care, Bill


    • Bill, you bring up a painful topic that so frequently separates us as believers in a Deity. I, too, have crashed headlong into these discussions as to what I profess will determine my ticket. Most recently in taking this 33 week Bible Study class. This, of course, could be a post or 12 of ’em in and of itself.

      I believe in a benevolent, loving God who can see all of us, our hearts, our thoughts, actions and our souls. I believe if you leave this world a better place, you have done your job and the rest is up to God. Others argue that. So be it. At the end of my days, I will report to God and I hope He/She/It will say, “Well done, HuntMode.”


    • P.S. Dear Bill, thank you as always for helping me rediscover this post. I have now replayed that first piece of music maybe four or five times. I’m finally getting the Wizard of Oz tunes out after 3 or 4 days!


      • Hunt, I have enjoyed your blog much more than you even suspect. It is well written and covers a multitude of subjects. It has so many dimensions it makes it impossible to not love. Then the reader discovers you. What a gift. You keep writing I will keep reading. Take care, Bill


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