Want a Rocky moment?

Remember in Rocky that moment when he charged up those stairs and danced wildly at the top in triumph for having made it? Remember how you cheered him on? I saw this film today (three times actually) and in three minutes that is how it made me feel – enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Want a Rocky moment?

  1. Hunt, Damn you, I sit here again crying like a child, over this. I have seen it before, I believe I even shared it. It is such a wonderful 3 minutes, and reaches into my very core. Thank you so very much for again letting me witness and feel the emotions this video evokes in me. Take care, Bill


    • Dear Bill, each time you comment on one of my old posts, I read them fresh for the first time, almost always having forgotten I’d written or posted it. I watched it before reading your comment and I am sitting here drenched in tears – good tears. Bring the Kleenex next time, would you? 🙂


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