Supporting the filibuster on the floor of the Senate re defunding of Obamacare

Right now, you can watch on C-Span2, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is on the floor of the Senate (since 2:41 p.m. ET) and vows to keep going until his voice gives out.

Senator Jeff Sessions has joined him on the floor, asking questions, which Senator Cruz accepts without yielding the floor – this debate of what is wrong with Obamacare (Affordable Health Care Act) is finally happening – now on C-Span2 live. Senator Marco Rubio has also joined in.

I urge you to call in support. I did call their offices, as well as my Senators Murray and Cantwell, whom I have not felt represented me, nor has my Representative Adam Smith.

Understand how this was written and how it is being implemented is truly a train wreck – and in all cases of where a train hits a human being – the train wins.

We can make a difference and be heard – stand up with ’em.

Update: Other Senators are stepping forward to support the filibuster and give Ted Cruz a much needed break. While D.C. offices are closed, you can call their local offices – and you can leave a voicemail. Mind, the D.C. voicemails are full – grin.

Update 2 – If you are a tweeter – check out #MakeDCListen – your tweet may be read on the floor and become part of the Legislative record.

Update 3: Ted Cruz just passed his 8th hour – began 2:41 ET – currently 11:06 p.m. ET – heading for his 9th hour of standing and talking at 11:41 p.m. – Note: Democrats are starting to “help” out – they’ve started to stand up and ask him questions – I think they’re getting the idea – “Be afraid; be very afraid.”

Update 4: It’s 2:05 a.m. ET and Senator Ted Cruz is still going…

Update 5: 2:41 A.M. – ET (11:41 PT) – Senator Mike Lee stepped in and is speaking about the history of the Supreme Court, especially due to President Roosevelt’s threat to increase the number of justices and how that led to the SC changing their previous course of jurisprudence – he’s now discussing farming laws and a farmer who challenged being held in violation of how much wheat he was allowed to grow – especially since he was cited for violation of the interstate commerce clause and he never sold any of his wheat – used exclusively on his farm. (doing this from memory) – Wickard v. Filburn – That makes 12 hours.

Update 6: Now – 3:42 A.M. ET; 12:42 A.M. (PT) – 13th hour and some of the best discourse on the Senate Floor and arguably anywhere. Three people in the chamber – Senators Cruz and Lee, plus whomever is acting as President of the Senate at this time. Should be 100 Senators present.

Update 7: 4:16 A.M. ET; 1:16 A.M. PT – Now reading from Atlas Shrug – What is Morality, etc. – that will set the cat amongst the pigeons. Well done, Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee. I wish I knew how to figure out how many tweets have come into #MakeDCListen – they’re updating at 132 every few seconds.

Update 8: 4:46 ET; 1:46 PT – 14 hours – still going – haven’t heard one “ummmm” yet.

Update 9: 10:20 A.M. ET; 7:20 PT – 20 hours – still going…

3 thoughts on “Supporting the filibuster on the floor of the Senate re defunding of Obamacare

  1. Hunt,

    I remember watching part of this on CNN and thinking about “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” I wasn’t as nearly as enthralled with Ted Cruz’s effort as I was spellbound by Jimmy Stewart’s. But his heart was in the right place, whether you support Obamacare or not. But, more importantly, is the fact that both parties stood and supported his effort (similar to how Mr. Smith’s efforts were aided). It was one of the few times in recent decades where both parties had their shit together (at the same time) even if it was only for a day. I was proud of the effort. It displayed what I hope may become the future in how we run the country, working together for a common cause. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. Take care, Bill

    PS – so ends September, so many wonderful and touching posts. The journey continues into October, oh what will that bring.


  2. Hunt, we as a nation have a real need for some kind of unified health care, that encompasses everyone (including those here illegally) I am not well read on this, and I suspect you have a better handle, who’s plan would you suggest be looked at (no I am not saying your the expert) or who do you think has a good idea as to a direction. Just so I can read up for future conversations. Take care, Bill


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