Politics: National vs. Local

I was speaking with my neighbor, who hates politics. Like me, if she paid attention at all, it was at the national level. I am very disappointed with our representatives in D.C. But here, locally, we vote politicians into their first offices and by voting in good, honest, hardworking fellow citizens, we set the bar […]

Obamacare – Too good to be missed – SNL

Secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, addressed concerns this past week and Saturday Night Live highlights them – guaranteed you will laugh. Watch it while you can (see my P.S. below): P.S.: It was curious in tracking this video down for display here that the only source was CNN’s one minute comment. Found […]

The Senior Category –

In these days of tough economic times and tightening the belt, locking up the wallet, etc., I got an email from a friend of mine with a handy-dandy list of establishments offering discounts to seniors, some as young as 50 on up. I did some research myself and it looks accurate – nonetheless, verify, verify, […]