Obamacare signs up 51,000 first week

Obamacare: 51,000 sign ups for first week – according to the Congressional Budget Office 7 Million needed by March 31 deadline – at this rate, total sign up will = 2 Million. See, we don’t have to repeal – just say No. No thank you.

Update: Be sure to see this one.

4 thoughts on “Obamacare signs up 51,000 first week

  1. Many states are still having trouble getting their web sites to operate without crashes and glitches. If and when that improves, expect the rates of signups to increase. I hadn’t heard that 7 million figure before, so thanks for that.


    • Mr. Mike, thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I did some testing of my own state’s exchange and the costs are stunning. Ummm….. began a long reply – I think it needs a post of its own. Thanks for helping to inspire that. Best ~ HuntMode


  2. Hunt, several months after this post (4 actually) Obama care has a zillion but the system isn’t working. It was a CF (Cluster f…) to begin and is getting progressively worst. It just seems everytime I turn around I see yet another train wreck of disaster in Washington. The problem is the republicans will inherit this mess and they have already proved they don’t know their ass from left field. Take care, Bill


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